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Best Gourmet Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

by Albertina Roca   |   December 4, 2018   |  

The holidays are the perfect time to indulge and spoil your loved ones, but also a great opportunity to make an impression on a valued client and a picky boss. Whether you’re sending their favorite gourmet foods their way, or introducing them to exciting new luxuries, there’s something for everyone on your list right here! Plus, there’s also something for every budget, so read on and snag these holiday gifts before they run out!

For Her

Leonidas Jewelry Box


This lovely red fabric gift box holds an assortment of chocolates and bonbons from Leonidas, a famed chocolatier from Belgium. Once the chocolates are gone, you can fill it up with her favorite gems!

red jewelry box



For Hostesses

French Almond Macarons

$13.00/12 pieces

These light and airy cloud-like cookies made with almond flour and filled with unexpected flavors are the perfect gift to bring over to a holiday party. If you want bonus points, bring TWO smaller boxes in lieu of a big one – one they can share with the guests (you!), and one they can save for themselves.

xmas macarons


For Him

Salami Snack Collection


No man (or woman for that matter) can resist this meaty assortment! A boxful of our best, most succulent, smokiest and totally snack-able salamis and sausages. This includes our signature Gypsy, Old Forest, Moskow and Teli salamis. Get extra Santa points if you also send them his favorite beer to drink with it.

salami snack collection


For The Boss

Aceto Balsamico Of Reggio Emilia – Red Seal


Ah, what to get this mythical, powerful figure that employs us, direct us, and if we’re lucky, also inspires us? You want to impress them with your exquisite, but also indulge them, and this little bottle of vintage Aceto Balsamico does quite nicely. Produced since 1892 by Acetaia Terra Del Tuono in Reggio Emilia, Italy, it’s is aged at least 12 years in different wooden barrels for a unique and delicate flavor.

aceto balsamic


For The Person Who Has Everything

House Favorites Caviar Taster Set


Around here we have a saying that says, “when in doubt, caviar!”. We should have that engraved in mugs! You really can’t go wrong with this caviar taster set, featuring a best-selling selection of imported and domestic caviars, plus crème fraiche and blini. They get to enjoy old favorites and discover new delicious finds.

caviar taster


For The Serious Sweet Tooth

French Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut Strip Cake


Send them a gift that will also solve their holiday dessert dilemma! This scrumptious chocolate cake is made by the pros at Andros Bakery, designed for the pickiest chefs and restauranteurs. It ships and stores frozen, so they can eat it that day or in a few weeks.

french chocolate cake

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