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Sheep Milk Cheese

Sheep's or ewe's (the female sheep) milk cheese is a cheese more typically found in mountainous areas where cow rearing is difficult or impossible. It has a slightly sweet taste and is high in calcium and zinc. Sheep cheese can fall into many different categories, such as fresh, soft, veined and pressed, so the selection is incredibly varied. The more traditional sheep cheeses hail from Spain and Portugal (dry mountain regions), but also from Greece where Feta is wildly popular. Discover them all below.
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Fiore Sardo
from Italy by Mitica
One of Italy's oldest cheese, made in the Island of Sardinia from sheep's milk cheese with a sharp flavor and a hard texture. Pair with fruits and red wines.
Idiazabal Smoked
from Spain
A sheep's milk cheese from Basque country in Spain, smoked in beechwood.
Manchego Cheese - Kosher - Pre order
from Spain by Aurora
A certified kosher version of the beloved Spanish sheep's milk cheese made from Manchega sheep milk.
Manchego - Aged 6 Months
from Spain by Merco
An excellent aged Manchego cheese with more full-bodied flavor, and more robust taste.
Manchego Cheese - Artisan D.O.P. - Aged 4 months
from Spain by Artequeso
A young Manchego from the La Prudenciana Estate in la Mancha, this cheese is soft and elastic with a lovely mild flavor.
Pecorino Al Tartufo
from Italy
An aromatic and flavorful sheep's milk cheese with pieces of white and black Italian truffles studded throughout.
Pecorino Ginepro
from Italy by Emilia
A sweet and fresh sheep's milk cheese from Romagna, Italy.
Pecorino in Walnut Leaves (Foglie di Noce)
from Italy by Emilia
A hard Italian sheep's milk Pecorino cheese wrapped in walnut leaves for an earthy, herbaceous flavor and aroma.
Pecorino Romano
from Italy by Sini Fulvi
A strong-flavored, rock hard cheese from Lazio, Italy, perfect for grating.
Pecorino Toscano Stagionato DOP
from Italy by Mitica
This distinctive Italian cheese makes a fragrant addition to your table or cuisine.
Petit Basque
from France by Pyrenee'From
A young mild sheep's milk cheese from France.
Ricotta Salata
from Italy by Fromage Marquis
A unique Italian formaggio
from Spain by La Mancha
Complex flavors that arise from rosemary and being rubbed with olive oil.
Roquefort Carles AOC (pre order)
from France by Chantal Plasse
This cheese has a very potent, salty taste that tends to be a little spicy at times.
Rustico with Red Pepper
from Italy
Young and creamy Pecorino sheep's milk cheese studded with red peppercorns.
from Spain by Castilla y Leon
Lovely Spanish cheese, similar to Manchego, with a buttery taste.
Cacio de Roma
from Italy by Sini
A sheep's milk cheese bathed in sea salt and aged in wood cellars for thirty days.
Cured Sheep Milk Cheese - 6-12 months
from Spain by Hacienda Zorita
Manchego D.O.P. 3 months
from Spain by Campomancha
A classic Spanish Manchego made of sheep's milk cheese, aged only for about 3 months for a mild flavor and subtle aroma.
Pata de Mulo Curado
from Spain by La Trashumancia
A sheep's milk cheese from Spain, Pata de Mulo is firm and creamy with a smooth flavor, perfect with membrillo paste.
Pecorino Toscano Fresco
from Italy by Tuscany
A mild and young sheep's milk cheese made in Tuscany.
Rustico with Black Pepper
from Italy
A sheep's milk cheese made in Rome, firm with a mild flavor and encrusted with peppercorns.
Manchego Semicured 75 days maturity
from Spain by El Piconero
A firm sheep's milk cheese aged for at least 3 months, with a buttery texture and a distinct and rich flavor.
Sancho Panza Manchego - Aged 12 Months
from Spain by El Piconero
Aged for a year, this popular Spanish cheese from sheep's milk has a richer and deeper flavor than younger versions.
Tomme Brebis AOC Raw Milk
from France by Agour
A mild sheep's milk cheese with a light aroma.
Brebicet - Giulloteau
from France by Guilloteau
From the Rhone-Alps comes this soft and smooth sheep's milk cheese with a zesty flavor.
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Caciotta Al Tartufo
from Italy by Mitica
A blend of sheep's and cow's milk, this flavorful cheese is studded with shavings of Italian black truffles from Umbria.
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Kefalotiri Cheese
from Greece by Krinos
Salty and tangy, this beloved sheep's milk Greek cheese melts beautifully and is a great addition to the cheese board.
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