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Dried Spices

The simplest is sometimes the best way to go, especially in the kitchen. You'll love the delightful effortlessness of dried herbs, which will add flavor and flair to your cuisine. The ideal way to add fragrance and unique aromas to a myriad of dishes, from sauces to salads, vegetables and grilled meats. We love that herbs are easy to store, trouble-free to use, and an inexpensive way to add contrast to preparations.
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Spices for Arrabbiata Sauce
from Italy by Il Boschetto
Make your own authentic Italian Arrabbiata sauce with this blend of chili pepper, garlic and other spices from Il Boschetto.
Spices and Herbs for Bruschetta
from Italy by Il Boschetto
Il Boschetto's ready-to-go mix of Tuscan garlic, black pepper and sea salt is perfect to create the classic bruschetta appetizer.
Caraway Seeds
from United States by Badia
Used predominantly in baking, caraway seeds add great warm, and slightly bitter and sharp flavor to breads and crackers especially.
Cumin Seed
from United States by Badia
Whole cumin seeds are perfect when toasted or fried to really bring out that wonderful earthy and spicy flavor.
Fancy Fennel Pollen
from Italy by Antica Drogheria Francioni
A floral, fragrant ingredient from fennel flowers in Tuscany.
Garam Masala Powder
from India by Laxmi Brand
A traditional spice blend from India, essential for curries and Indian dishes.
Ground Coriander
from United States by Badia
This indispensable spice adds a citrusy and earthy touch to any dish, infusing subtle yet unmistakable flavor and aroma.
Ground Cumin
from United States by Badia
With it's spicy, peppery flavor, this fragrant spice is used predominantly in Mexican, Indian and North African cuisines.
Herbes de Provence
from United States by Badia
A blend of thyme, marjoram, tarragon and other herbs, this mix is headily fragrant but infuses dishes with a delicate flavor.
Jamaican Allspice - Whole
An aromatic peppercorn with a flavor reminiscent of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
Mediterraneo, Salt & Spices
from Italy by Il Boschetto
Rosemary, sage, bay leaves, oregano, thyme, garlic and sea salt come together to perfectly infuse fish, shellfish, meats and any other dish with a fabulous coastal flavor.
New Mexico Dry Chile Pods
from United States by Best Mexican Foods
Hot but not scalding, these long and thin chile pods have a deep flavor that chili powder just can't match.
Paprika - Sweet - Pimenton de la Vera
from Spain by Rey de la Vera
A sweet, warm and aromatic smoked paprika from Spain.
Pepato, Salt & Spices Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto
Bring some flavor and style to the table with this practical and rechargeable spice, sea salt and black pepper grinder.
Paprika Bittersweet Traditional - Pimento
from Spain by La Vera
An intensely smoky, sweet and spicy paprika that's essential for authentic Spanish recipes.
Paprika Picante Traditional - Pimenton
from Spain by La Vera
Warm, earthy, sweet and hot, discover Pimenton de La Vera, the coveted oakwood-smoked Spanish smoked paprika.
Saffron & Paprika Spice Blend
from Spain by La Dalia
A blended mix of fine saffron, sweet smoked paprika, garlic, thyme, and parsley perfect for Spanish Paella.
Spices for Fish and Seafood
from Italy by Il Boschetto
A fragrant mix of parsley, oregano and rosemary blended with garlic, sea salt, pepper and a touch of lemon zest. Bright, fragrant, and delicious.
Spices and Herbs for Pasta
from Italy by Il Boschetto
This simple blend of parsley, garlic, pepper and salt gets a kick of heat with chili pepper gives new depth to sauces.
Sweet Pimenton de la Vera - Sweet Paprika
from Spain by La Dalia
The famous Spanish smoked paprika, grown and harvested exclusively in the fertile soil of the Tiltar River in La Vera.
Spices for Meat and Vegetables
from Italy by Il Boschetto
An aromatic blend of Tuscan sage, lemon peel and other spices designed to enhance the flavor of white meats and fish.
Whole Cloves
from United States by Badia
This bold and flavorful spice is definitely one of those must-haves for the spice cabinet, especially for gingerbread.
Arrabbiata, Salt & Spices
from Italy by Il Boschetto
All the seasonings that make the classic Italian sauce great, in a pretty grinder available in wood and sleek metal.
Black Peppercorns
from Italy by Il Boschetto
A sleek and practical rechargeable grinder filled with piquant black peppercorns that adjusts to grind from fine to coarse.
Cayenne Pepper
from United States by Badia
With its hot flavor, Cayenne is the bold foodie's dream spice. Use it in chilies and bring out the fire in meats and fish.
Cinnamon Sticks
from United States by Liborio
Aromatic, warm and heady, these whole cinnamon sticks are an essential spice for any cook and baker.
Espelette Pepper Powder
from France by Accoberrry
The legendary French Espelette pepper from the Basque region add sophisticated piquancy to a dish.
Espelette Pepper Puree
from France by Accoberry
A specialty product made of the prized Basque - and only native French pepper - the Espelette red pepper.
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