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Whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight treat to satiate your sweet tooth or you’re baking for a special event, it’s always nice to have a few foolproof recipes on hand to make the decision process easy and execution a breeze. The tried and true recipes on Gourmet Food Store; are carefully written, chef tested, and approved to ensure you always get excellent results. From foundational recipes like crepes and quick bread to show-stopping holiday desserts, you’ll find no end of baking inspiration right here on our website.
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8 Decadent Chocolate Dessert for Valentine's Day | Gourmet Food Store
February 2, 20248 Decadent Chocolate Desserts for Valentine's Day

Love in every bite! These chocolate recipes are designed to sweeten your evening, and sprinkle extra love into your home-cooked feast.

Friday Night Dessert: French Fondant Cake Recipe (Lava Cake)
January 10, 2023Friday Night Dessert: French Fondant Cake Recipe (Lava Cake)

If you’re going to bake one thing this year, make it this sumptuous chocolate fondant cake!

Refreshing Foods to Cool You Down this Summer
June 10, 2022Cool Down This Summer with our Favorite Frozen Desserts and Drinks

Chill out with frozen cocktails and desserts designed by our professional chefs

Gourmet Ingredients to Take Your Easter Baking to the Next Level
March 30, 2022Gourmet Ingredients to Take Your 2024 Easter Baking to the Next Level

The ingredients to make your Easter baked good that much more professional

French Crepes: Versatile, Easy and Sophisticated (Recipe Included!)
July 6, 2017French Crêpes For Bastille Day: Versatile, Easy and Sophisticated. (With Recipe)

A guide to making this versatile and delicious Parisian street food like a pro!

10 Showstopping Desserts for Easter
March 31, 201710 Showstopping Desserts to Serve this Easter

Our guide to the ultimate desserts and sweets to serve for Easter celebrations.

Sweets For Our Sweet: Valentine's Day Recipes
February 11, 2015Sweets For Our Sweet: Valentine's Day Recipes

Bake all manner of sweet treats to indulge our sweetheart on Valentine's Day!

For Kids and Grownups! Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe
October 10, 2014For Kids and Grownups! Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe

A deliciously spooky chocolate cake to make with your whole family!

Olive Oil Cake Recipe
July 25, 2014The Classics: An Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Loved for simplicity, versatility, and perfect for olive oil flavor enthusiasts.

Our Five Favorite French Breads
August 23, 2013Our Five Favorite French Breads Plus The Best Pain Au Chocolate Recipe Ever!

A rundown of our favorite French breads plus a delicious recipe to try at home!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Icing Spice Bread Recipe
August 17, 2013A Preview Of Fall: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Icing Spice Bread Recipe

A delectable recipe of an indulgent bread with a decadent cream cheese icing.

1 - 11 of 11 posts

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From holiday-specific desserts for Valentines and Halloween to classics like Pan au Chocolate or Italian Olive oil cake, you’ll find no end of inspiration among our long list of baking recipes. From cute creations every kid will enjoy making to sophisticated desserts elegant enough to serve at your next holiday gathering or special event, we've got it all. Whether you’re baking for yourself, your family, or a whole host of guests, you’ll find baking recipes perfect for every situation and occasion.

At Gourmet Food Store, we’re committed to not only providing you with some of the best gourmet products available on the market, but we’re also here to help you make the most out of them. With articles diving into the science of baking and the subtleties of complicated ingredients like chocolate, you’ll find a wealth of information on our site. Be sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with more than just our sterling lineup of products. For all your culinary needs, look no further than Gourmet Food Store!

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