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A Spanish classic, Gazpacho is a celebration of nature's bounty in the warm months of Spring and Summer. Picked at their zenith, the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and garlic that make up this dish are blended but left raw, showing off the natural virtues intrinsic to great produce when picked and used at its best. With each bite, the eater is refreshed and the palette is tantalized by the complex and perfectly balanced combination of sweet ripe fruit, zesty vinegar and garlic, and the full butteriness of good olive oil. A flawless union each vegetable and ingredient plays its part perfectly in this symphony of taste. Browse through our expertly curated selection today for some of the finest Gazpachos on the market. Sourced from the kitchens of Spain, our assortment of options is a delicious and authentic taste of this Mediterranean specialty.
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Spanish Gazpacho Soup
from Spain by Santa Teresa
A bright and refreshing assortment of summer vegetables, harvested at their peak, combine to make this delicious soup.
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Spanish Gazpacho Soup with Raf Tomatoes
from Spain by Santa Teresa
The perfect balance of surprisingly sweet Raf tomatoes, garlic, and sharp sherry vinegar, make this interpretation of the Spanish classic truly delicious!
Salmorejo Raf
from Spain by Santa Teresa
The hearty and complex taste of Raf tomatoes give this soup deep umami flavors while the addition of bread adds body to this Spanish classic.
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Spanish Gazpacho Soup with Blueberries
from Spain by Santa Teresa
All the traditional ingredients of Gazpacho are present in this dish, with the addition of delicious Spanish blueberries!
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Spanish White Gazpacho with Rustic Bread
from Spain by Santa Teresa
A delicious blend of nutty roasted almonds, fresh garlic, and bread, form the base of this velvety soup that’s bursting with flavor!
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Now associated almost exclusively with Spain, Gazpacho got its start centuries earlier in the Greek and Roman empires and is even mentioned in their literature. Like so many dishes we now only casually think about, Gazpacho was a product of necessity. Roman soldiers, on their long treks across Europe, carried with them a few basic supplies: bread, garlic, and olive oil. Beaten into a paste -pestle and mortar style- these three staples became the basis for many of their soups. The bread adding body and the garlic and oil being the elements of flavor. In other parts of the world, during this same time, similar soups were being prepared. The Moors created a dish using an identical method of preparation, but with a base of almonds called Ajo Blanco. Perhaps when the Moors famously conquered Spain in the 7th century, it was then that the first Gazpachos were prepared and shared there. Throughout the years Gazpacho has changed and evolved conforming to whatever fruits and vegetables were available and in season. With tomatoes and peppers making their first appearance in Spain with a returning Christopher Columbus in the 16th century, the “classic” tomato-based version is, in truth, a relatively new interpretation of this ancient dish.

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