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Maple Syrup

Super versatile syrups are perfect for a variety of uses. From cocktails or cold beverages to adding some flavor to coffee or tea drinks, you'll love our selection of syrups of all flavors. Orange blossoms from France, ginger from Jamaica, Maple from Ver
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Blis 100% Pure Maple Syrup - Bourbon Barrel Matured
from United States by Blis
An incredible 100% Pure Maple Syrup aged in 20-year-old Bourbon barrels, with a deep, honeyed oak flavor with notes of vanilla and spice.
Birch/Maple "Blur"
from Canada by Deseve
Smooth and sweet maple syrup meets bold and complex birch nectar in this fantastic syrup made in the Canadian Appalachian mountains.
Maple Blend Syrup
from United States by Sugarman
Maple Syrup Blend 55% - Mini Portion Cups
from United States by Sugarman
A blend of maple syrup and pure cane syrup in mini cups to ensure that not a single golden drop goes to waste.
Organic Blue Agave Nectar - Raw
from Mexico by Madhava
The new it product in natural sweeteners, agave nectar is similar to honey but with a lighter texture and a less intense flavor that doesn't overwhelm preparations.
Pure Maple Syrup - Grade A Dark Amber
from United States by Sugarman
With a beautiful deep burnt amber color, this 100% pure maple syrup has a delicious sweet mild maple flavor.
Pure Maple Syrup - Mini Jars
from United States by Sugarman
100% pure maple syrup, in pretty single-serve mini jars designed for the hospitality industry and large events.
Pure Vermont Maple Syrup - Grade A Medium Amber
from United States by Butternut Farm
A deeply flavorful, smooth, sweet, and all-natural Pure Maple Syrup made in Vermont in a family-owned farm.
Amber Maple Special Reserve Syrup
from Canada by Deseve
Complex and deeply flavorful, this amber maple syrup has notes of toffee, port, coffee and hints of gingerbread, with an aroma of sweet chocolate and walnuts.
Dark Birch Nectar Syrup
from Canada by Deseve
This Dark Birch Nectar delivers a bold and complex flavor profile with notes of gingerbread, molasses, balsamic and spices like nutmeg and coriander.
Sugar Free Pancake Syrup - Mini Jars
from United States by Sugarman
Perfect to give your pancakes the taste of maple without adding any sugar. In pretty little glass jars.
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