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French Culinary Oils

From aromatic Pistachio Oil and pungent Pumpkin Kernel oil, the selection of French culinary oils is really astounding. The countryside comes to life in these bottles of refined and refreshing gourmet oils from France!
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Virgin Pumpkin Kernel Oil
from France by Vivier
A strong and sweet unrefined pumpkin seed oil with a bold nutty flavor and tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
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Hazelnut Oil
from France by Vivier
This fine French oil made with yummy hazelnuts proves itself worthy of any pantry
Virgin Pistachio Oil
from France by Vivier
A bold and flavorful oil from cold-pressed pistachios, with a rich flavor, fresh aroma and beautiful jade green color.
Grapeseed Oil
from France by Vivier
A high smoke point and high content of polyunsaturated fats makes it ideal for your deep-frying cuisine.
Seaweed Oil
from France by Groix & Nature
A great combination of grape seed oil blended with seaweed and aromatic basil.
Walnut Oil
from France by Vivier
Superb oil flavored prime walnut, high in polyunsaturated oils and essential Omega-3 fatty acids.
Lobster Oil
from France by Groix & Nature
A gorgeous and versatile grapeseed oil infused with roasted lobster shells for a rosé-like hue and a mild, fragrant flavor.
Pure Almond Oil
from France by Vivier
An enchanting finishing and baking oil highly concentrated with the aroma and flavor of delicious toasted almonds.
French Virgin Peanut Oil
from France by Guenard
Delicious virgin peanut oil is rich with the scent and taste of cold pressed French peanuts. Full of flavor, it's the perfect finishing oil for so many recipes.
Sesame Oil - Virgin, Semi-Toasted
from France by Guenard
With its subtle nutty flavors and high smoke point, this semi-toasted sesame oil is perfect for a wide range of dishes and flavor profiles.
French Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
from France by Guenard
Loaded with a vast array of nutrients, vitamins, and delicious herby flavors, our delicious French virgin hemp seed oil is the perfect addition to so many dishes.
French Virgin Hazelnut Oil
from France by Guenard
Gourmet hazelnut oil boasts rich color and a flavor to match. With deep, complex notes of roasted nuts, it makes a flavorful addition to any dish.
French Virgin Walnut Oil
from France by Guenard
This gourmet walnut oil has a delicious roasted nutty flavor, making it the perfect addition to so many savory or sweet preparations.
Avocado Oil
from France by Saveurs de Lapalisse
A deliciously smooth French oil with healthful properties and a high smoke point.
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