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Cacao Barry Baking Chocolate

Since 1842, Cacao Barry has been synonymous with fine baking chocolate. This superb line of chocolate includes the finest sourced cacao, chocolate couverture, sticks and powder for your pastry and baking needs.
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Cacao Barry Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Sticks - 44% Cacao
from France by Cacao Barry
Make delicious pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) with Cacao Barry's practical bittersweet 44% cacao sticks.
Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder - 100% Cacao - Extra Brute
from France by Cacao Barry
100% cacao powder, bright and intense and utterly decadent, by French chocolatier Cacao Barry.
Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate - 64% Cacao - Extra-Bitter Guayaquil
from France by Cacao Barry
Give your desserts and pastries a seductive twist with French bittersweet coverture chocolate with notes of coffee and chestnut.
White Chocolate Pistoles - 29.2 % Cacao - Blanc Satin
from France by Cacao Barry
A luscious white chocolate with notes of vanilla and caramel for coverture, in easy to measure and melt pistoles.
White Chocolate Sprinkles - White Vermicelli
from United States by Cacao Barry
Give your desserts and baked goods a sprinkle of delicious! These white chocolate sprinkled add luscious chocolate flavor and a great snowy look.
Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate - 58% Cacao - Cacao - Favorites Mi-Amere
from France by Cacao Barry
A delicately roasted and a bit spicy bittersweet coverture chocolate perfect for ganache, molding and enrobing.
Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate - 35.3% Cacao - Lactee Barry
from France by Cacao Barry
Milky, creamy and delicious, with a great fluidity that makes it perfect for mousses, ganache fillings, and enrobing.
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