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Camembert Cheese

A culinary tradition in Normandy since 1791 Camembert is one of the most popular bloomy rind cheeses in the world. Thanks to its mild buttery flavor profile and luxurious creamy interior everyone loves the taste of this sensational French cheese. At Gourmet Food Store we pride ourselves on curating some of the finest interpretations of this sensational cheese. From the vaunted Le Chatelaine to Royal Faucon you’ll find all your favorite varieties here!
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1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
Camembert Du Bocage
Camembert Du Bocage
from France by Royal Faucon

A lush, creamy and buttery cow's milk cheese, this Camembert from Normandy has a mild flavor that finishes smoothly on the palate.

4.6(33 reviews)
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier

Camembert Le Chatelain (pre order)
Camembert Le Chatelain (pre-order)
from France by Le Chatelain

Deceptively similar to your average Camembert, le Chatelain has a stronger, more intense flavor.

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Camembert Rustique - Pre Order -
Camembert Rustique (pre-order)
from France by Rustique

From the milk of Normandy cows, coveted AOC-awarded Camembert has the characteristic mold-covered rind.

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Bent River - Camembert Style Cheese
Bent River - Camembert Style Cheese
from United States by Alemar Cheese Company

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1 - 5 of 5 products

About Camembert Cheese

Camembert vs Brie

Brie and Camembert, with their bloomy rinds, earthy yet buttery taste, and the spreadable creamy consistency many people mistake one for the other. And they do have quite a lot in common but there are a couple of characteristics that set them apart. Location -Both cheeses originated in France but Brie is said to have been created first in the Ile de France while Camembert cheese hails from Normandy.

Fat Content - Both cheeses are made from cow's milk but cream is added to Brie, giving it a higher milk fat content and an overall creamier texture.
Size - Often sold by the slice Brie is generally made in comparatively large wheels usually 9-17 inches in diameter, while a wheel of Camembert is just five inches across.
Taste -While many contend there is no difference in the flavor of these mild buttery cheeses, you’ll often hear them both described as being nutty, fruity. Grassy, or even slightly mushroomy in flavor. Thanks to Bries injection of cream it is milder in flavor so for those of you who prefer a more forward flavor profile look to the rich notes of Camembert cheese!

How to Eat Camembert

The perfect accompaniment to a crust loaf of French bread, or some simple crackers, and a must-have for all your cheese trays. Add to sandwiches for a creamy layer of flavor or bake in pastry for an exquisite warm appetizer. Drizzle with honey or pair with fruit preserves to round out this cheeses’ flavors.


Camembert Cheese Questions And Answers

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