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Fully Cooked Foie Gras

A bloc de foie gras – smaller pieces of duck or goose foie gras that have been whipped together – that is marked as “fully cooked” has been preserved by cooking and pressing together. This allows the preparation to be stored outside the refrigerator while maintaining the delicious flavors. Although it doesn't require refrigeration, for a great tasting foie gras experience place the cooked foie gras in the refrigerator 24 hours before serving, and serve chilled in thin slices with a glass of fine wine.

Fully cooked Foie Gras is a convenient option that can be stored for years on the pantry shelf without sacrificing taste or texture. Offering all the same rich and buttery traits, enjoy this gourmet pleasure whenever the mood strikes.

1 - 4 of 4 products
1 - 4 of 4 products
Mousse of Duck Foie Gras Fully-Cooked with Truffles
Mousse of Duck Foie Gras Fully-Cooked with Truffles
from Canada by Rougie

Deliciously smooth duck foie gras mousse of whipped duck livers, studded with black truffles.

5(2 reviews)
Rougie Duck Foie Gras | Pate de Foie Gras | Gourmet Food Store
Duck Foie Gras with Truffles - Shelf Stable
from Canada by Rougie

Smooth and decadent foie gras blended with earthy, luxurious black truffles.

4.9(13 reviews)
Rougie Duck Foie Gras Shelf Stable | Gourmet Food Store
Duck Foie Gras - Shelf Stable
from Canada by Rougie

Foie gras in its most purest form and in a size that’s perfect for two (or one, if you don’t feel like sharing this delicious treat!).

4.7(3 reviews)
Mousse of Duck Foie Gras Fully-Cooked
Mousse of Duck Foie Gras Fully-Cooked
from Canada by Rougie

A luxuriously smooth mousse of whipped duck livers, perfect to serve as a sophisticated yet easy appetizer.

4(1 review)
1 - 4 of 4 products

About Foie Gras

A foundational element of classic French cuisine, Foie Gras offers an incomparable eating experience. Silky in texture with a rich buttery taste: it’s made from the fattened liver of ducks and geese using a feeding technique known as gavage. Today this gourmet delight is synonymous with France but dates back to ancient Egypt!


Available in three main varieties when shopping for this sophisticated delight, you’ll find it raw (cru), semi-cooked (mi-cuit), or fully cooked (cuit). Each offers its own tempting characteristics and requires slightly different preparations.

Raw liver is generally sliced, then quickly seared and served warm. Half-cooked varieties are poached; lengthening their shelf life slightly and offering a silky texture. Fully cooked foie gras ready to eat is pasteurized at high heat and packaged into tins and jars. Shelf stable, this form can last years in the pantry, so you can enjoy its delicious taste whenever the mood strikes!


Depending on the grade, preparation, and country of origin, the cost of this ingredient can vary tremendously. The foie gras cooked price is generally the cheapest, with a 3-ounce tin averaging roughly $40.00. The perfect choice for busy restaurants and caterers, you can treat your guests to this luxury without breaking the bank. Convenient and versatile, this shelf-stable option is the discerning chef’s best friend.

Serving and Food Pairing

With its rich signature flavor, Foie gras can sometimes be tricky to serve. Carefully balancing its singularly delicious profile with other flavors to elevate it without overshadowing it can leave the young gourmand at a loss. Thanks to its fatty nature, it’s best to pair it with sweet or sour foods.

Green apples bring sharp notes along with a contrasting texture. Red fruits like cherries and figs served fresh or preserved also work well. Sweet wines like Sauternes is a classic combination, while Banyuls and Coteaux du Layon make admirable options. A good crusty baguette or rounds of brioche offer the perfect foundation for whatever union you choose. Sticking closely to these simple rules will help you get the most out of your foie gras dining experience!

Where to Order

If you’re looking for a reliable source for the best fully cooked foie gras brands, look no further! At Gourmet Food Store, we have been scouring the market for premium producers who exercise good animal husbandry, humane gavage practices and create a stand-out product you’ll love.

Buy fully cooked foie gras on our website and start enjoying this luxe ingredient at its finest.

Choose Gourmet Food Store

To buy cooked foie gras online, navigate your way to our website. Easy to use, you can browse through our complete selection of options. Sourced from some of the best farms in Canada and the United States, choose the grade and variety you prefer, knowing that any option you choose will be of the highest quality. Just a click away, enjoy fully cooked foie gras delivery straight to your doorstep or workplace. For variety, quality, and convenience, choose Gourmet Food Store.

Fully Cooked Foie Gras Questions And Answers

Q:What is Fully Cooked Foie Gras?
A:Heated to the point of sterilization and then packaged into jars or tins, fully cooked Foie is a delicious and convenient shelf-stable option, great for those who want to enjoy this gourmet delight whenever the mood strikes.
Q:How Much is Fully Cooked Foie Gras?
A:The price depends on the fully cooked foie gras brands that produced it, their country of origin, and whether it came from a duck or goose. In general, a reputable brand will charge roughly $40 per 3-ounce can of duck liver.
Q:Can I Buy Fully Cooked Foie Gras?
A:From whole raw lobes to partially and fully cooked tins, jars, and terrines, at Gourmet Food Store, you can purchase foie in all its glorious forms.
Q:Is Fully Cooked Foie Gras Healthy?
A:Delicious and decadent, this is one of those rare foods that are tasty and healthy! Packed with nutrients like iron and protein, Foie gras also offers high amounts of omega three fatty acids!
Q:How to Make Fully Cooked Foie Gras?
A:Start with raw duck or goose liver, season to your satisfaction, then roast in the oven until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 212 degrees, transfer to a sterilized jar, and seal. This fully cooked delicacy can now be stored for several years until you are ready to eat it!
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