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Raclette Cheese

The quintessential cheese for sharing, Raclette is the luxurious Swiss melting cheese that’s practically begging to be poured over whatever you’re eating. Think fondue only instead of dipping, you’ll be dripping this tasty cheese over your meal. Especially good over roasted potatoes, pickles, root vegetables, and cured meats, this cheese is perfect for traditional Alpine dishes.
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1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
from France by Livradois

Traditionally melted over a fire and the soft cheese scraped onto a plate, this is a staple in French alpine cuisine.

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Reading Raclette Cheese | Gourmet Food Store
Reading Raclette
from United States by Spring Brook Farms

An American take on the iconic Alpine cheese, this Raclette offers savory flavors with a nutty finish.

from France by Schmidhauser

Raw cow’s milk cheese with a pronounced nutty flavor and firm texture, creamy-delicious when melted.

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French Raclette
French Raclette
from France by Fromi

A winter favorite in France and Switzerland, this semi-hard cow's milk cheese is often enjoyed melted over breads, meats and other dishes.

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Raclette, Pre-Sliced
Raclette, Pre-Sliced
from France by Livradois

Conveniently packaged pre-sliced Raclette makes enjoying this classic Swiss cheese faster and easier than ever!

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1 - 5 of 5 products

About Raclette

A beloved and versatile cheese in both European and international cuisine, cherished for its creamy texture, delicious flavor, and its role in bringing people together for communal dining experiences.

True Raclette is protected by AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) and is made from the milk of cows who are fed fresh alpine grass in the summer and meadow hay in the winter, resulting in a singularly aromatic and delicious cheese. That said, today excellent versions of the cheese are made all over the world and can be found in fun flavors. Infused with everything from mustard seeds and white wine to Italian truffles you’ll love trying it in all its delicious forms!

The word Raclette means “to scrape,” denoting both the cheese itself and the technique used to serve it. Food lore claims the cheese dates back hundreds of years to the middle ages, when Swiss farmers would make their repast by heating a piece of cheese over an open fire. Its evolution into a grillable, scrapable, edible delight took place over the years, eventually becoming the cheese we know and love today!

  • Texture: It has a semi-firm texture that becomes creamy and gooey when melted. Its pale-yellow interior is covered by a washed rind that can range from light orange to pinkish-beige.
  • Flavor: It offers a rich, nutty, and slightly fruity flavor with a hint of earthiness. The taste can vary depending on the specific region where it is produced.
  • Melting Ability: Highly esteemed for its melting quality. When heated, it becomes velvety and smooth, making it a popular choice for melting over various dishes.
  • Production: Traditionally made from unpasteurized cow's milk, which contributes to its unique flavor profile. It is often aged for about three to six months, but there are variations that are aged longer for a stronger taste.

How to Eat Raclette Cheese

Raclette is perhaps most famous for the dish that bears its name. In a traditional raclette meal, the cheese is heated and scraped onto a plate, then served with boiled potatoes, gherkins, and cured meats. It is also used in fondue and various other recipes where its melting capabilities are prized.

While restaurants generally use a specialty grill to melt the cheese, at-home devices allow everyone to soften their own in individual pans. But even a simple non-stick skillet will work for anyone who wants to get the experience at home. Excellent in a wide range of dishes, enjoy this Swiss cheese on everything from burgers and sandwiches to pasta, potatoes, and more!

Buying Raclette at Gourmet Food Store

At Gourmet Food Store, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of premium Raclette! Our range includes authentic varieties sourced from the Alpine regions of Europe, each characterized by unique flavors and textures. The pricing of our Raclette cheese reflects the quality and exclusivity of each option, providing an array of choices to suit your palate and budget.

We provide detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to assist you in making informed choices. Plus, the convenience of online shopping allows you to explore our curated selection from the comfort of your home, ensuring a gourmet cheese experience that embodies authenticity and excellence. Buy raclette cheese with us and savor this incredible cheese!

Raclette Cheese Questions And Answers

Q:What is raclette cheese?
A:Raclette is a semi-firm, cow's milk cheese originating from the Alpine regions of Europe. It's known for its exceptional melting properties, offering a rich, nutty flavor when melted, and is commonly used in traditional Swiss and French dishes.
Q:How do you melt raclette cheese?
A:To melt Raclette, slice it thinly and place it on a Raclette grill or under a broiler. Melt until gooey, then scrape it over boiled potatoes, pickles, and cured meats. Serve hot and enjoy the delicious, creamy result.
Q:What do you serve with raclette cheese?
A:Serve Raclette with boiled or steamed potatoes, pickles, cured meats, vegetables, crusty bread, sautéed onions, and condiments like mustard.
Q:How do you eat raclette cheese?
A:Besides the traditional way, you can enjoy this in a sandwich, on pizza, as a burger topping, in mac and cheese, quiche, fondue, omelet, or risotto. Its creamy, nutty flavor enhances a wide range of dishes, from breakfast to dinner.
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