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Quick-cooking, inexpensive, and fancy enough to serve guests, mussels are the all-purpose bivalve perfect for every occasion. From fresh mussels sold by the pound to tinned options suspended in a flavorful liquid, we have a great selection of these tasty mollusks ready to be added to all your favorite dishes. Order from our selection of premium options today and start eating mussels at their finest.
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Mussels in Pickled Sauce
from Spain by La Brujula
Plump, meaty mussels are hand-cleaned, carefully fried in olive oil, then hand-packed with a pickle sauce made of vinegar and spices.
from Canada by
Meaty and juicy black mussels sustainably raised in the pure waters of Canada's Prince Edward Island.
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About our Mussels

How to Clean Mussels

Whether you’re a well-seasoned chef who cooks mussels regularly or you’ve never tried them in your life, we have a handful of tips to follow to ensure perfect results every time! As with any bivalve, it behooves you to give them a quick clean before you cook. Placing them into a colander under plenty of cold water and giving them a brisk shake to rinse them. Then take a paring knife scrape any barnacles or dirt off them. Be sure to pull off any furry patches, known as beards, from the mussels too. This is a great time to check for any open mussels in the batch. An open mussel is generally a dead mussel. Give it a firm tap with your fingernail, and if the mussel doesn’t snap shut at your touch, throw it out.

How to Cook Mussels

Start with aromatics like garlic, shallots, and or lemongrass sauteeing in the pan. Then add liquids. Mussels are cooked through steam, and while water does the trick, why not add extra flavor to your dish by using alternatives like coconut milk, white wine, soy sauce, or tomato juice? A wide pan is imperative for cooking mussels, so they cook evenly. Be sure not to stack them, and if necessary, cook them in multiple batches to ensure they don’t pass from tender to rubber. Keep a lid on during cooking to ensure the steam is trapped. Finally, just like you checked at the beginning for any open shells, now check for any that are still closed to ensure you don’t have any duds in your dish. Follow these tips, and we’re certain you’ll love the tasty results!

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