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Swiss Chocolate Bars

There’s a reason Swiss chocolate is known across the globe for its outstanding flavor and silky smooth texture. The product of centuries of refinement, Swiss chocolate offers perfection in every bite. Shop our selection of Swiss chocolate bars sourced from some of the finest chocolate producers in Europe. Luxurious and smooth, each specially imported bar promises a delicious flavor you’re sure to love. The ideal gift or late-night indulgence, keep a few on hand at all times to satiate your sweet tooth!
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Villars Collection Pure Swiss Milk Chocolate - 32%
from Switzerland by Villars
The perfect Swiss chocolate bar, made with certified sustainable cacao beans and pure swiss milk.
Villars Collection Pure Swiss Dark Chocolate - 85%
from Switzerland by Villars
Made from sustainable cocoa this 85% dark chocolate bar boasts a deep and complex flavor.
Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Almonds
from Switzerland by Villars
A delicate blend of luscious dark chocolate and crunchy toasted almonds make this combination one of our most popular!
Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts
from Switzerland by Villars
Using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, Villars chocolate is unrivaled in terms of taste and quality.
Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Nougat
from Switzerland by Villars
Villars Collection Pure Swiss Dark Chocolate - 72%
from Switzerland by Villars
A harmonious balance of sweetness and bitterness, this pure dark chocolate boasts distinct notes of vanilla.
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Made from premium, locally sourced ingredients, Swiss chocolate has retained its position at the forefront of the chocolate industry thanks to its commitment to quality. Using rich Swiss milk from local dairies: this pure liquid is blended with the best cocoa beans in the world, from Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario, and beyond. These beans are carefully chosen for their flavor, aromas, and ability to perfectly merge with the creamy elements of Swiss milk. Even the beet sugar used to sweeten each bar of our chocolates is processed right in Switzerland. These premium ingredients combined with an uncompromising dedication to maintain the highest quality possible make the eating of these chocolates one of the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences anyone can have. In short, it’s some of the best chocolate you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Browse through our complete selection of Swiss-sourced bars. Running the spectrum from end to end, we provide everything from the boldest pure dark swiss chocolate to incredibly sweet and creamy milk chocolate. For those who enjoy a little crunch, our range also includes nut studded bars like hazelnut and almond that enhance the toasty notes of the chocolate and bring out its best elements. Try any of these tempting options for yourself, and don’t forget to buy one for a friend; it’s sure to be appreciated.

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