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Beluga Caviar

The famed caviar from the huso huso sturgeon, Beluga caviar has forever been synonymous with epicurean luxury, always sought after by chefs and connoisseurs, the food of royalty and movie stars. The large and buttery caviar pearls were once served in first class flights and the best hotels and restaurants in the world.

The unrestrained appetite for this caviar took its toll on this once-plentiful ancient fish native to the Caspian Sea, and Beluga was finally fished to the point of extinction. The result was that in 2005, the United States Fish and Wildlife Services banned the sale of Beluga caviar to allow Beluga populations to recover and to save the fish from extermination- the sale is today still prohibited. While there have been efforts to farm-raise Beluga sustainably, the slow growth of this fish makes it a painstaking endeavor, and caviar aficionados have had to look elsewhere for their Beluga fix.

Luckily, there are several excellent alternatives to Beluga, such as our new Beluga Hybrid caviar, yielded from a crossbreed between Beluga and Siberian sturgeon. Its earthy, buttery pearls are a great substitute for traditional beluga caviar. Alternatively, try our Kaluga fusion caviar. Made from a hybrid of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon, it's incredibly similar to Beluga – creamy, smooth, with an almost buttery texture and a great firm pop, and is today one of the top of the line caviars in the market. 

Check out our beluga substitutes below, all eco-friendly, sustainable caviar of the highest quality.

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Beluga Hybrid Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Italy by Markys
From Italy, this Beluga and Siberian sturgeon hybrid yields glistening pearls with buttery, earthy flavor.
5 out of 5 stars rating (6 reviews)
Kaluga Fusion Black Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Asia by Markys
A marriage of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon caviar results in glistening black pearls with creamy, buttery flavor.
5 out of 5 stars rating (6 reviews)
Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol, Farm Rised
from Asia by Markys
Large, firm grains with a mellow, rich and creamy mouthfeel
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (13 reviews)
American Black Bowfin Caviar Gift Set
by Marky's
A luxurious caviar gift set with caviar, crème fraiche, mini-blini and optional mother of pearl spoon.
Kaluga Caviar Taster Set
by Marky's
3 top-of-the-line caviars from a crossbreed of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon, each gorgeously exquisite and smooth
Beluga Hybrid Caviar Gift Set
by Markys
A premium caviar gift set including Beluga and Russian Sturgeon hybrid caviar, along with blini and crème fraiche
Kaluga Caviar Sampler Gift Set
by Marky's
A deluxe gift set including 3 Kaluga fusion caviars with blini and creme fraiche
Kaluga Fusion Sturgeon Caviar, Imperial Gold Gift Set
by Markys
Fresh, buttery and blissfully delicious Kaluga fusion caviar alongside blini, creme fraiche and spoons
Kaluga Fusion Sturgeon Caviar, Black Gift Set
by Markys
A gift set of glistening-black, buttery pearls from Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon, with blini and creme fraiche
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