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Spanish Squid Ink

From sea to delicious sea, the ocean provides some wonderful ingredients. This exotic ingredient, real squid ink, a rare ingredient used to create dramatic black pasta, is an excellent additions to the gourmet pantry. As deeply black as the ocean's fathomless depths, squid ink comes from the cuttlefish, and is a versatile ingredient that can turn rice and pasta a delicious inky color. It can take a classic paella to new inky depths, and make a risotto a dramatic black color. Real squid ink adds a very mild sea flavor, enhancing ingredients, without tasting fishy or overly salty - although it is preserved in sea salt so a little less salt is called for in recipes, if you'll be adding it.

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Spanish Cuttlefish Ink - Packets
from Spain by El Sison Spain
An easy and delicious way to add dramatic color to risotto, fresh pasta, seafood and many other dishes.
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Spanish Cuttlefish Ink - Jar
from Spain by El Sison Spain
An easy and delicious way to add dramatic color to risotto, fresh pasta, seafood and many other dishes. T
Cuttlefish Ink
from Spain by Marky's
Make your own black pasta at home with our easy to use, striking cuttlefish ink from Spain.
Corn Flour with Porcini Mushrooms
from Italy by Tealdi
A long and thin rich yellow egg pasta from Piedmont, naturally enriched with squid ink, for a dramatic look and flavor.
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In Spain it's used in classic dishes like "Chipirones en su tinta", a Basque traditional recipe made with baby squid in their own ink sauce, and also in 'arroz negro' or 'Arròs negre', a type of black-tinted rice dish from Valencia and Catalunia. Buy squid ink from Spain online, and dress up your dishes with Mediterranean flavor and flair! Add a dramatic color and look to a simple rice dish, tint a homemade pasta and ravioli, and even take a paella to new color levels. Our Spanish squid ink is sourced directly from Spain, where it is taken from cuttlefish that abound in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Spain. Our selection of Spanish squid ink for sale comes in large presentations like jars, perfect for large preparations, and also individual, single-used packets that give you the versatility to use what you need without worrying about shelf-life. Real squid ink is also thought you contain lots of health benefits, as it's rich proteins and minerals, nutrients and antioxidants. Perfecto to make squid ink spaghetti, risotto, lasagna and rice, and add striking flair to your dishes.
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