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Semi Soft Cheese

A perfect example of a semi soft cheese is Mozzarella di Buffalla, a smooth cheese with an elastic and pliable texture. Semi-soft cheeses have a very good melting characteristic, so they are great for cooking and ideal for Panini sandwiches and pizzas. Their flavor can vary dramatically, but they blend well with other cheeses, since they tend to be young and mild. You'll find them typically in your four cheese sauces and pizzas. Some of our most popular semi-soft cheese include Fontina, Havarti and some blue cheeses like Roquefort. Discover them all below!
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Danish Blue Cheese
from Netherlands by Green Island
A deliciously rich and creamy blue-veined cheese from Denmark.
Maytag Blue
from United States by Maytag
A piquant American blue cheese produced by hand in Iowa since 1941.
Shropshire Blue Cheese
from United Kingdom by Thistle Hill
A sharp blue cheese similar to Stilton.
Blu di Capra
from Italy by Casarrigoni
From goat's milk sourced from a single farm, Blu di Capra is a soft and creamy cheese with an intense blue flavor.
Brillat Savarin (pre order)
from France by Lincet
Soft triple crème cheese with a downy rind and subtle flavor.
English Waxed Rind Stilton
from United Kingdom by Tuxford/Tubbet
Lighter than Gorgonzola, richer than Danish Blue, this English Blue is just right.
Gorgonzola Dolce (DOP)
from Italy by Piedmont
A creamier version of the supermarket aisle variety, this is milder and sweeter than other blue cheeses, perfect for the more sensitive palate.
Gorgonzola Piccante (DOP)
from Italy by Piemonte
For those who love their blue cheese strong, Gorgonzola Picante is the perfect blend of smooth and spicy.
Mahon DO - 4 months
from Spain by Menorca
A fruity cow's milk cheese produced in the Spanish island of Minorca.
Mahon Menorca
from Spain by Coinga
A rich and aromatic cow's milk cheese from Menorca, Spain, this Mahon is aged at least 6 months for a milky and smooth flavor.
from France by Livradois
A cheese full of creaminess and fruity flavors, with a thin later of ash in the middle.
Pecorino Al Tartufo
from Italy
An aromatic and flavorful sheep's milk cheese with pieces of white and black Italian truffles studded throughout.
Livarot Grain D''orge
from France by Graindorge
One of France's oldest cheeses, Livarot is a rich and complex cow's milk cheese from Normandy, pungent and bold, with a creamy and smooth texture.
from France by Picandine
A camembert-style goat cheese from France.
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Prefere de nos Montagne Cheese - Reblochon Style
from France by Fromi
Craving Reblochon? Prefere is the perfect substitute, made in the Jura Mountains from pasteurized cow's milk cheese.
from Spain by La Mancha
Complex flavors that arise from rosemary and being rubbed with olive oil.
Rustico with Red Pepper
from Italy
Young and creamy Pecorino sheep's milk cheese studded with red peppercorns.
Saint Nectaire Laitier
from France by Livradois
A mild cow's milk cheese with an aftertaste of spices and nuts.
San Simon DO
from Spain by Galicia
A brilliant yellow-orange, carefully smoked Spanish cheese that delivers a mild buttery and smoky taste.
Taleggio DOP
from Italy by Cade Ambros
Rich and smooth, with hints of fruitiness to its pate, this soft Lombardy cheese is a great accompaniment to salads and a choice cheese for dessert.
Tetilla Campobello
from Spain by Galicia
In Spain they say it tastes like kisses and while we've had sweeter smooches, this creamy cheese with mild tangy flavor will do when lips are not around.
Ubriaco del Piave
from Italy by Veneto
An incredible cheddar from Italy, soaked in wine, aged in grape leaves.
Gorgonzola Cheese
from United States by Wisconsin Gold
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from France by Sevre & Belle
A wonderfully sharp tangy bite, easy to cut and portion out (entertainers, take note), this log shaped chevre cheese is a favorite.
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Goat's Milk Log With Ash (Buchette de Chevre Cendree)
from France by Mon Sire
A classic buche (log-shaped) French cheese, this young chevre is creamy with a tangy, goaty flavor and herbaceous aroma.
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Castelrosso Piemonte  (pre order)
from Italy by Piemonte
This is a rare, ancient cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy with a memorable intense flavor.
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Chevre D'Or - (Pre Order)
from France by Sevre et Belle
A rich aged goat's milk cheese, with cheddar-like texture.
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Crottin Maitre Seguin
from France by Sevre & Belle
One of our most traditional goat's milk cheeses, it is delicate and sweet with a soft texture.
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