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Salad Dressings

With a delicious assortment of tasteful options, you’ll find all the classics among our line-up of gourmet salad dressings. Whether you prefer the bright flavors of oil and vinegar-based blends, or you’d rather the rich and creamy characteristics of mustard and mayonnaise, you’ll find types of salad dressing to delight every preference and predilection.
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Vinaigrette Dressing with Dijon Mustard
from France by Delouis Fils
This vinaigrette works with virtually any salad and most foods! Simple yet ultra flavorful, everyone will love this Dijon mustard dressing!
Vinaigrette Moutarde A L'Ancienne - Old Fashioned Mustard Dressing
from France by Delouis Fils
Enhance your greens with the bright savory flavors of this delightful dressing.
Vinaigrette Dressing with Sherry Vinegar, Garlic and Basil
from France by Delouis Fils
This vinaigrette is a refreshing dressing that makes the most of this verdant summertime herb.
French Mayonnaise with Lime
from France by Delouis Fils
All the luxurious creaminess of real French mayonnaise with the added brightness of fresh lime!
Sauce Crudite - Parisian Salad Dressing
from France by Delouis Fils
Rich and creamy with just enough bite this is the perfect accompaniment to your next crudite tray.
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Vinaigrette Dressing with Shallots
from France by Delouis Fils
Flavorful and bright, you’ll love the way this delightful French vinaigrette enhances your food!
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

About our Salad Dressings

Salad dressing, in one form or another, has been around since antiquity. The ancient Babylonians used the classic combination of oil and vinegar to dress their greens. The rich and creamy mayonnaise-based concoctions we so often consume today made their flavorful debut over 200 years ago, on the table of a French nobleman. A longstanding tradition not many would consider eating a salad if it’s not properly dressed first! Whether you prefer oil-based Greek and Italian dressings, herbaceous Green Goddess, or rich and creamy French and Russian, you’ll find an excellent option among our diverse assortment.

How To Store Salad Dressings

It’s the rare meal where an entire bottle of salad dressing is consumed, so it’s imperative that you know how to store your dressings correctly and how long you can anticipate different types of salad dressing lasting. Like most leftover foods, once opened, they should be kept in food-safe containers with sealable lids then placed in the refrigerator until ready to use again. While you’ll often find salad dressings stored in the door of the refrigerator, like eggs, salad dressings should be stored further within the fridge on one of the shelves. This keeps the temperature not only lower but also more consistent.

Most bottled dressings keep well for 1-2 months if stored correctly, but certain types last longer than others. Oil and vinegar-based dressings are generally safe for months on end, but creamy versions are prone to spoilage and should be finished more quickly. With a delightful list of options before you and a detailed account of how best to store your tasty choice, you’re ready to start enjoying your salads more than ever before!

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Salad Dressings Questions And Answers