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French Mustard

Forget about that generic hot dog mustard! We stock the finest, most unique brands of mustards, spreads and condiments. From piquant Moutarde du Lion to the fabulously spicy Pommery Firemen's Mustard, to the classic and acclaimed Dijon mustard, gourmet mustards are a simple and straightforward way to flavor your dishes and add a kick of flavor to a gourmet sandwich. Buy mustards online from Gourmet Food Store, delivered promptly to your chosen address.
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French Dijon Mustard
from France by Delouis Fils
Never overpowering, this intense yet smooth sauce delivers a kick to the taste buds, while still retaining a clean and sharp flavor.
5 out of 5 stars rating (4 reviews)
French Whole Grain Old Fashioned Mustard
from France by Delouis Fils
The way mustard used to be prepared, thick and intense
4 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Royal Mustard with Cognac
from France by Pommery
A luxurious medium-grain French mustard flavored with cognac, this is perfect to add to roasted meats and on sandwiches
French Dijon Mustard
from France by Temeraire
A striking French dijon with clean, sharp yet never overpowering flavor, and creamy and rich texture
French Dijon Mustard
from France by Temeraire
Made the old-fashioned European way, this delicious French dijon is filled with whole mustard seeds and seasonings
Pommery Firemen's Mustard
from France by Pommery
All-natural, extra-spicy mustard once served to the Kings of France. Warning: not for the faint of heart!
Pommery Extra Strong Mustard - Moutarde du Lion | Gourmet Food Store
from France by Pommery
A smooth sieved mustard with a great texture and a flavor that’s in the best tradition of Dijon, intense yet not overpowering.
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