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Earn Points with our Rewards Program!

The Gourmet Food Store Rewards Program is totally free, and designed to reward our loyal customers. Members can earn Rewards Points with every purchase they make through our website and convert those Points into $5 Rewards Certificates, which you can apply to any order. Plus, members earn Points by interacting with us on social media and share, pin and tweet their way to free food!

Every 200 points, you’ll earn a $5 Rewards Certificates that you can apply to any order. There’s no limit!

How To Earn Points


To enroll in Gourmet Food Store Rewards Program and begin accumulating points, simply register for an account. It's free to join.


You will receive a $5 Rewards Certificate for every 200 points you earn. There’s no limit to how many points you can earn, or how many certificates you can redeem. Just make sure you are logged into your account whenever making a rewarded action to assure your reward points are recorded for your account. Points are rewarded based on the following:

Activity Points Limits
Make a purchase 1 point/dollar spent
Join our Gourmet Club 50 points One time only
Write a product review on a product you purchased
25 points
5 times every 30 days
Like us on Facebook 50 points One time only
Share a page of our site or order you placed on Facebook 25 points Once every 7 days
Follow us on Pinterest 50 points
One time only
Pin a page or product to Pinterest 25 points
Once every 7 days
Follow us on Twitter 50 points
One time only
Tweet a page of our site or order you placed on Twitter
25 points
Once every 7 days

Earning Points For Purchases
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on product purchases (shipping costs are excluded).
Earning Points on Our Website
  • Earn 50 points for joining our Gourmet Club.
  • Earn 25 points for writing a product review on an item you have ordered (limit 5 per month)
Earning Points with Facebook
  • Earn 50 points for liking us on Facebook (using the like button found on the left hand navigation on our site)
  • Earn 25 points for sharing your favorite page, product or your order on your Facebook account (limit 1 per 7 days)
Earning Points with Pinterest
  • Earn 50 Points for following us on Pinterest (using the follow button found on the left hand navigation on our site)
  • Earn 25 points for pinning one of our pages or products to your Pinterest account. Just click the Pinterest icon you see on the right side of the site (limit 1 pin every 7 days).
Earning Points with Twitter
  • Earn 50 points for following us on Twitter (using the follow button found on the left hand navigation on our site)
  • Earn 25 point for tweeting a page, product or about a purchase you made. Just click the Twitter icon you see on the right side of the site (limit 1 per 7 days).

How To Redeem Points

Use your $5 Rewards Certificates during checkout on any order, it’s that simple. No code, no gift card link required. On the payment page during checkout you'll see an area below the credit card payment area where you can convert reward points into certificates and apply them to your order.  200 reward points equals a $5 Rewards Certificate.

How To Track Your Points

You can view and track your points balance and available reward certificates on the My Account page.

Customer Rewards Program FAQs:

How do I join the Rewards Program?

It's free to join. Just sign up for an account at Gourmet Food Store, and you can begin accumulating points.

I signed up for your Gourmet Club before the Rewards Program started, how can I get credit for it?

Just enter your name and email address into the Gourmet Club signup form shown on the bottom right of our website or by rejoining at our Gourmet Club signup page.

Can I get credit for orders I've placed before the Rewards Program began?

No, Rewards Points can only start accumulating once the Rewards Program began on April 6, 2016. If you already have an account with us, no further action is required you are already enrolled. If you do not have an account with us, please signup for an account to begin accumulating points.

Can I apply reward points to an order that I've already placed?

No. Rewards Points can only be redeemed during the checkout process. You cannot apply them after the order has already been placed.

I just placed an order but I don't see the Rewards Points listed for my purchase?

Rewards Points are assigned up to 24 hours after the order you placed has shipped.

How do I earn Points?

Rewards {oints are earned by completing specific actions on our website, such as placing an order, writing a product review, or sharing something to your social media account. Just make sure that you are logged in to your account before completing actions to assure that they are properly credited to your account. View the table above under HOW TO EARN POINTS for complete point earning details.

Do my Rewards Points expire?

Rewards Points never expire.

Is there a limit to $5 Reward Certificates I can apply to an order?

There’s no limit. Apply as many $5 Reward Certificates as you want.

I'm placing an order now for over $200. Can I apply my Rewards Points I'm going to earn on this order into a $5 Reward Certificate to apply to this order?

No, Rewards Points for purchases are only accounted for after an order ships. You'll be able to turn those points into a certificate for your next order.

How do I check my Rewards Points balance?

You can view and track your Rewards Points balance and available Reward Certificates at the My Account page.

Can I use the Rewards Points I earn at any of your stores?

No, each of our stores has a unique Rewards Program. Points earned on one store can not be applied to orders at another store.

How soon will I see my new Rewards Points reflected on my account?

Points may take about 5 minutes to show for actions such as sending a tweet, or sharing on Facebook, or joining our Gourmet Club. Points for orders you have placed will accrue once an order ships.

I completed a Rewarded Action but I don't see the points showing?

If you think points are missing please contact us at

Is the Rewards Program available for wholesale customers?

Not at this time. The Rewards Program is only available to retail customers.

Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Please review our complete Customer Reward Program terms and conditions.

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