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Cheese And Butter

Gourmet Food Store offers a selection hundreds of different gourmet cheeses from all around the world. From award-winning creameries from around the world, to artisan cheesemakers in the United States, our selection of gourmet cheese and butter is the best you can find online - and beyond! Discover our must-have picks for the cheese board, classic fondue cheeses, curated samplers, cheese gifts for the cheese lover in the your life, and so much more.
Brillat Savarin with Papaya
from France by Delin
A triple cream cow's milk cheese with sweet chunks of papaya fruit.
5 out of 5 stars rating (24 reviews)
Camembert Du Bocage
from France by Royal Faucon
A lush, creamy and buttery cow's milk cheese, this Camembert from Normandy has a mild flavor that finishes smoothly on the palate.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (33 reviews)
Manchego - Aged 6 Months
from Spain by Merco
An excellent aged Manchego cheese with more full-bodied flavor, and more robust taste.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (31 reviews)
Saint Andre
from France by Fromage Marquis
An absolutely lovely (not to mention very famous) triple crème cheese.
5 out of 5 stars rating (17 reviews)
Fresh Mozzarella - Fior Di Latte
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
With a name meaning "milk's flower," this cow's milk mozzarella has a spongy texture and fresh, creamy taste
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (10 reviews)
Isigny Beurre de Baratte Butter, Salted
from France by Isigny
The traditional French baratte technique creates an ultra-creamy and smooth buttercup-yellow butter.
5 out of 5 stars rating (24 reviews)
Echire Butter in a Bar, Unsalted
from France by Echire
The miniature version of the lovely light Echire butter, beloved by the French and connoisseurs
5 out of 5 stars rating (13 reviews)
Mozzarella Di Bufala In Water
from Italy by Villa Antica
Imported from Italy and just wonderfully soft and smooth, moist and mild.
4 out of 5 stars rating (13 reviews)
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Beurre d'Isigny Butter Extra-Fin, Unsalted
from France by Isigny
A delicious golden bar of butter from Isigny Ste Mere, full of delicious nutty flavors and a wealth of vitamins.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (7 reviews)
Bleu D Auvergne AOC 50%
from France by From'Auvergne
A very popular blue cheese that is spicy and salty, with a fragrant hint of wild flowers.
5 out of 5 stars rating (35 reviews)
from France by Picandine
A camembert-style goat cheese from France.
5 out of 5 stars rating (8 reviews)
Livarot Grain D''orge
from France by Graindorge
One of France's oldest cheeses, Livarot is a rich and complex cheese from Normandy, pungent and bold, creamy and smooth.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (19 reviews)
Chabichou Du Poitou Cheese
from France by Poitou Chevre
A recipient of the coveted AOC label, this goat cheese from Frances premier goat-breeding region, Poitou, has a sweet taste.
5 out of 5 stars rating (21 reviews)
Pont L'Eveque AOC
from France by Graindorge
Soft cow's milk cheese, supple and with wonderful fruity afternotes.
5 out of 5 stars rating (14 reviews)
Prefere des Nos Montagnes
from France by Fromi
A cow's milk cheese from the Jura mountains very similar to the Reblochon.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (6 reviews)
Mimolette - Aged 3 Months
from France by Isigny
With it's distinctive orange hue and nutty flavor, this hard cave-aged cheese was developed to complete with Dutch Goudas.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)

Popular Categories

  • Cheese Samplers

    Cheese Samplers

    Take the guesswork out of entertaining with exclusive cheese-board ready cheese.
  • Aged Cheese

    Aged Cheese

    Our premium selection of gourmet options spans the globe and includes everything from aged cheddar cheese to 36-month Comté!
  • Best Cheese For Fondue

    Best Cheese For Fondue

    Gather around the bubbling pot with our selection of cheeses like Gruyere and Emmental, perfect for melting.
  • Blue Cheese

    Blue Cheese

    Pungent and delicious, cheeses injected or with naturally occurring mold.
  • Echire Butter

    Echire Butter

    One of the finest butters in France, with a subtle and delicate flavor infused with the qualities of the beautiful terroir.
  • Smoked Cheese

    Smoked Cheese

    Complex, full-bodied, and totally delicious, the world of smoked cheese is certainly a tasty one, browse our selection here!
  • Stinky Cheese

    Stinky Cheese

    Cheeses that you can smell a mile away, but are well worth it once you cut into them! Discover our smelly cheeses.
  • Truffle Cheese

    Truffle Cheese

    Bold, flavorful, and aromatic, we offer a sensational range of truffle cheese, from soft and creamy to firm and sliceable; you'll love them all!
  • Cheese Wheel

    Cheese Wheel

    When a block or wedge simply won’t do, look to our assortment of whole cheese wheels!
  • Block of Cheese

    Block of Cheese

    If you’re looking for a tasty block of cheese you’ve come to the right place, browse through our complete assortment to find your favorite.
  • Cheese Log

    Cheese Log

    Sliceable and spreadable, our cheese logs look as good as they taste and are the perfect appetizer or addition to your next cheese tray.
  • Cheese Crackers

    Cheese Crackers

    A ubiquitous pair, cheese and crackers offer a tasty combination that can easily go from simple to sophisticated.
  • Accompaniments


    Dress up your cheese with sweet preserves, nuts, and other flavorful accompaniments.

Types of Cheese

  • Brillat Savarin

    Brillat Savarin

    Discover one of France's most beloved cheese, the luscious, cream-enriched triple cream Brillat Savarin!
  • Full List of Cheeses

    Full List of Cheeses

    Browse through our complete selection of carefully curated gourmet cheese options here!
  • Brie Cheese

    Brie Cheese

    Mild, creamy, and luxurious, everyone loves a good Brie! Always a hit be sure to include some on your next cheese board.
  • Burrata Cheese

    Burrata Cheese

    Stringy mozarella di buffala and creamy, fresh burratta are two Italian cheeses that any cheese lover should try.
  • Camembert Cheese

    Camembert Cheese

    Rich and creamy everyone loves the delightful characteristics of a good Camembert cheese and we have an excellent selection of them.
  • Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese

    Whether sharp, mild, aged, young, yellow or white, cheddar will always have a special place in our hearts and cheese plates.
  • Comte Cheese

    Comte Cheese

    Discover one of France's most beloved cheese, the nutty, fruity, absolutely delicious Comte cheese from the Jura Mountains. 
  • Feta Cheese

    Feta Cheese

    If you love the salty, briny flavor of authentic Greek Feta cheese, look no further than our selection of premium options!
  • Fontina Cheese

    Fontina Cheese

    Known for its excellent melting capabilities, you can’t go wrong by adding a little Fontina cheese to your recipes for a rich and satisfying finished dish.
  • Gorgonzola Cheese

    Gorgonzola Cheese

    A creamy Italian blue cheese, Gorgonzola is superbly buttery, as at home on a cheese board as melted over polenta and risotto.
  • Gouda Cheese

    Gouda Cheese

    This Dutch masterpiece is always welcome in our cheese boards, sandwiches and fondues! From young and mellow to old and bold, discover our Gouda cheeses.
  • Grana Padano Cheese

    Grana Padano Cheese

    Robust and flavorful, from grating to slicing, our Grana Padano is as versatile as it is delicious.
  • Gruyere Cheese

    Gruyere Cheese

    Smooth, creamy, and luxurious, our premium Swiss Gruyere cheese is perfect for fondues or anything au gratin.
  • Mahon Cheese

    Mahon Cheese

    Discover one of Spain's greatest cheeses, the delicious cow's milk Mahon cheese from the sunny island of Menorca.
  • Manchego Cheese

    Manchego Cheese

    Enjoy our premium selection of Spanish Manchego cheeses available in a variety of ages and weights!
  • Mimolette Cheese

    Mimolette Cheese

    With its striking coloring and fantastic flavor Mimolette is the cheese you need to add to your next cheese plate. Browse our complete selection here!
  • Morbier Cheese

    Morbier Cheese

    Add drama to your plate and flavor to your meals with this striking classic French cheese!
  • Mozzarella Cheese

    Mozzarella Cheese

    One of our best-selling, most popular cheeses, an Italian icon, fresh mozzarella cheese shipped to your doorstep. 
  • Parmesan Cheese

    Parmesan Cheese

    The perfect addition to so many of your favorite dishes, Parmesan cheese is characterized by deep umami flavor, with fruity nutty highlights.
  • Pecorino Romano Cheese

    Pecorino Romano Cheese

    Deeply savory, add complexity and flavor to all your favorite dishes with a liberal grating of our premium Pecorino Romano!
  • Piave Cheese

    Piave Cheese

    Boasting a concentrated sweet flavor punctuated by salty crystalline pockets of flavor, its almost fruity profile is tempered by a subtle bitter edge.
  • Provolone Cheese

    Provolone Cheese

    Utterly irresistible, everyone loves the flawless texture and delicious mild flavor of Italian Provolone cheese!
  • Raclette Cheese

    Raclette Cheese

    The quintessential cheese for sharing, Raclette is the luxurious Swiss melting cheese that’s practically begging to be poured over whatever you’re eating.
  • Ricotta Cheese

    Ricotta Cheese

    From creamy and spreadable classic Ricotta to firm salty shreddable Ricotta Salata we have an excellent assortment of this versatile cheese!
  • Stracciatella Cheese

    Stracciatella Cheese

    Rich and creamy with a sweet finish, you'll love our Italian-style fresh Stracciatella Cheese!
  • Taleggio Cheese

    Taleggio Cheese

    An Italian cow's milk cheese that's just as home on a cheese board as melted in fondue! Discover our Taleggio cheese 

By Texture

  • Butter


    Superb artisan butter is thick, smooth and authentic. Experience it now.
  • Cream


    Crème fraiche to Double Devon Cream, we have la crème de la crème!
  • Soft Cheese

    Soft Cheese

    The place to find creamy Brie, sumptuous Cambozola Triple Cream, and delicate chevres.
  • Semi Soft Cheese

    Semi Soft Cheese

    Smooth and elastic melting cheeses like Mozzarella, Morbier, Fontina and Havarti can be found here.
  • Semi Hard Cheese

    Semi Hard Cheese

    Not soft, but not hard either, semi-hard cheeses are firm, and include Emmental, Swiss, and Cheddar.
  • Hard Cheese

    Hard Cheese

    A crumby and dry texture particular of aged cheeses like Parmiggiano Reggiano, Fiore Sardo, Manchego and Pecorino.

By Milk Type

  • Cow Milk Cheese

    Cow Milk Cheese

    This category of cheese is typically the mildest, with flavors that please most palates. Here you 'will find your classics: Brie, Camembert, and Mozzarella.
  • Goat Milk Cheese

    Goat Milk Cheese

    Also known as “chevre” goat cheeses are one of our most popular categories, and include favorites like Caprifeuille, Bucherondin and Crottin.
  • Sheep Milk Cheese

    Sheep Milk Cheese

    From beloved Manchego to classic Pecorino Romano, a top selection of sheep's milk cheese.
  • Buffalo Milk Cheese

    Buffalo Milk Cheese

    Made from fresh Buffalo milk, with examples like Mozzarella and Ricotta.
  • Mixed Milk Cheese

    Mixed Milk Cheese

    The ingenuity and creativity of cheese-making shines with these captivating mixed milk cheeses.

By Country

  • American Cheese

    American Cheese

    A mix of new and old cheese-making traditions is developing into one of the most innovative cheese industries.
  • Canadian Cheese

    Canadian Cheese

    Discover all the wonderful cheeses our friends from Canada have to offer!
  • Danish Cheese

    Danish Cheese

    With a slew of mouth-watering choices to try, you can’t go wrong with any of our delicious Danish cheese options!
  • Dutch Cheese

    Dutch Cheese

    The Dutch create cheeses with deep flavors and smooth textures that will captivate you.
  • English Cheese

    English Cheese

    English cheese is nothing less than a royal affair.
  • French Cheese

    French Cheese

    Home to one of the strongest culinary and cheese-making traditions in the world.
  • German Cheese

    German Cheese

    Authentic cheese from deutschland, made following traditional German cheese recipes!
  • Greek Cheese

    Greek Cheese

    A huge part of Greek culinary culture, Greek cheeses play an essential role this country's cuisine.
  • Italian Cheese

    Italian Cheese

    Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Pecorino, Mascarpone…these Italian words are like music to our palate!
  • Norwegian Cheese

    Norwegian Cheese

    Superbly crafted, the fishermen communities of Norway present surprisingly delicate cheeses.
  • Spanish Cheese

    Spanish Cheese

    Famous for Manchego and Mahon, not to mention Murcia and Tetilla, there's so much to discover in Spain!
  • Swiss Cheese

    Swiss Cheese

    The breathtaking mountains of Switzerland create cheeses that are intense and incredibly delicious.

Cheese And Butter Resources

Artisan vs. Industrial Cheese
While small-batch artisanal cheeses have their place, industrially made cheese should not be discounted. Within the wide world of cheese, both varieties offer their own set of singularly delicious qualities.
Can You Freeze Cheese?
You went a little overboard when went cheese shopping, and now you have a big wedge of brie leftover. Can you freeze cheese? Ideally, use it fresh, but if you must, here are some tips.
5 out of 5 stars rating (3 reviews)
Cheese Buying Cheese Tips
The world of cheese is a vast and sometimes overwhelming one. To ensure you’re getting the best cheeses to suit your lifestyle, cooking habits, and preferences, be sure to read this article on how to buy cheese the right way.
Cheese Nutrition
Cheese is not only a delicious and versatile ingredient in the kitchen; it's also an integral part of a well-varied and wholesome diet.

About Our Cheeses

Cheese is one of our customer's favorite categories! Our selection of gourmet cheese includes the best cheeses in the world, classic staples, artisan finds, rare picks from small family-run creameries, and so much more. Our selection gives you the best access to the world's best dairies and cheesemakers, including the best cheese artisans in the United States. Indulge yourself, or send as a gift with a cheese basket or hamper to a loved one or like-minded cheese lover. There's so many types of cheese to choose from! Hard, gratable favorites like Italian Parmigiano and Pecorino Romano; smooth cheeses like Brie, Camembert and spreadable chevres; plus fondue cheeses like Raclette, Comte, Swiss and so much.

We have assembled great cheese samplers, with carefully curated selections that are perfect for cheese boards, entertaining, appetizers and cheese gifts. We carry the best cheese from France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Greece and so many other great countries, famous for their artisan cheesemaking. Plus, we also source organic cheeses made in small, sustainable farms.

Discover our gourmet butter

And then there's the butter! Whether you enjoy spreading it over your toast or baking a showcase dessert , butter is a staple, but is anything from basic. Top chefs from around the world have written odes to great butter, especially French butter that comes from Normandy. Gourmet Food Store's selection of gourmet butter brings a variety of enchanting butters to your table and kitchen. From truffle butter and buttercup yellow Isigny butter, to smooth Echire, favored by the best restaurants, cruise lines and airlines in the world, we've got butter to indulge you.

Butter is one of the most essential ingredients in your kitchen. Spread over your morning toast, use to sear a steak to perfection, mix it into mashed potatoes or rice, and use it to bake all manner of cakes and pastries. Our selection of gourmet butter includes the world's best, tried-and-tested by the best chefs in the world. Some are better suited for baking, whole some are excellent used just to butter croissants or on a plain baguette.

Cheese And Butter Questions And Answers

Q: How long does cheese last in the fridge?
A: Cheese mongers advise to store fresh, soft cheeses in the fridge for about a week, maybe two if the cheese looks and smells fine, and most hard cheeses for 3–4 week, sometimes even four to six months if you store them correctly.

Q: How long can cheese sit out?
A: The general guideline is that you should only keep cheese out about 2 to 4 hours.

Q: What is the healthiest cheese?
A: Cheese is a great source of many nutritional powerhouses like calcium, protein, vitamins B and D, and healthy fats. However, some types of cheese can be high in sodium and calories. There’s no consensus at what (if any) cheese is the healthiest cheese, but health experts generally agree on these: ricotta and cottage cheese, fresh mozzarella, feta cheese, and light Swiss cheeses. Learn about Cheese Nutrition.

Q: How many types of cheese are there?
A: Cheese comes in a wide assortment of types – the international Dairy Federation recognizes about 51 varieties! Generally though, it can be broken down into a few main types of cheese: fresh and curd cheeses, stretched curd, cooked and pressed, soft, semi-soft, medium-hard, semi-hard, hard cheese, mold cheeses – including soft and smear ripened, washed rind, and blue, granular cheeses, brined, and processed cheeses. Learn more about Types of Cheese

Q: How is cheese made?
A: Cheese is made by making milk curd intentionally using a starter culture. The milk then separates into curds and whey, the latter which is drained and pressed away using the famous ‘cheesecloth’. The curds are what make the cheese! Because there are so many different types of cheese, methods can vary immensely – the curds can be seasoned, pressed into shape, brushed with olive oil, the options are endless. Fresh cheeses are ready after pressing, while aged cheeses are left to sit and age for days, weeks, months, or even years!