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Pantry Items

Stock up your pantry with all the gourmet ingredients your heart desires! We carry a wide variety of pantry items, from gourmet maple syrup to rare marrons, you'll find all you need to fill your cabinets.
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Italian Arborio | Risotto Rice | Gourmet Food Store
from Spain by Sivaris
A wonderful Italian short-grain rice with plump grains that cooks a soft, velvety and always creamy risotto.
Bamboo Knotted Skewers - 3 Inch
from China by ThinkBamboo
Made of eco-friend bamboo, these sleek little skewers will become your new cocktail party best friend.
Bamboo Paddle Skewers - 3.5 Inch
from China by ThinkBamboo
Use and reuse, or discard without a guilty conscience: these skewers come from 100% renewable bamboo.
Black Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
A dramatic ebony rice that turns into a deep burgundy color as it cooks, full of fiber, antioxidants and a rich nutty flavor.
Carnaroli Rice - Aged
from Italy by Acquerello
The Rolls Royce of rice, Italian Aquerello Carnaroli delivers a bolder, richer and more delicious risotto than any other rice.
Ceramic Escargot Plate with Handle
from Taiwan by GourmetFoodStore.com
A fabulous and authentic escargot plate with a practical handle.
Chestnut Puree - Marrons Puree
from France by Sabaton
A natural sweet puree of chestnuts, no added sugar which makes it perfect for all sort of culinary creations - especially for the traditional Bûche de Noel.
Chestnut Spread - Creme de Marrons
from France by Sabaton
A tin of rarely available crème de marrons by Sabaton, France, for sweet crepes and dessert fillings.
Chestnuts in Water - Marrons au Naturel
from France by Sabaton
Create sweet concoctions or savory dishes - stuffing, chestnut rice - or just plain roast them over that open fire.
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Crunchy Corn Quicos
from Spain by Indeal
Giant Spanish salted and toasted GMO-free crunchy corn kernels are your new favorite game day snack.
Dates with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
More delicious and natural than packaged energy bars, these sweet dates hide a secret almond center.
Dates with Walnuts
from Spain by De Juan
A delicious snack that's also healthy, these sweet dates are wrapped around plump Spanish walnuts.
Escargot Achatine a la Bourguignonne - Frozen
from France by Terroirs d'Antan
French cuisine at your very fingertips. Escargots in shells with garlic butter a la bourguignon.
Escargot Achatine in Puff Pastry - Frozen
from France by Terroirs d'Antan
Tender escargot meat in a mix of white wine and garlic nestled in puff pastry…entertainer's best friend.
Escargot Helix Very Large in Water - 2 Dozen
from France by Terroirs d'Antan
Tender and plump escargot de Bourgogne deshelled in water.
Escargot Helix a la Bourguignonne
from France by Terroirs d'Antan
Extra large, extra delicious. Escargots Helix snails in shells with garlic butter ready to heat and serve.
Extra Large Empty Escargot  - 24 pieces
from France by GourmetFoodStore.com
Perfect to serve escargots in the true French bistro way, these shells are also reusable.
Fettucine - Fresh Frozen Pasta
from United States
Fig with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
Sweet figs with almond centers are the perfect healthy snack and delicious when paired with cheese boards.
Gigli - dry
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
A lily-shaped Tuscan pasta to honor the town of Florence, Gigli Toscanini pasta stands up to hearty meat sauces, filling the nooks and crannies perfectly.
Green Lentils Du Puy
from France by Sabarot
These choice French lentils are grown in the volcanic soils of Le Puy, France.
Seaweed Salad - Seasoned
from Japan
A traditional Japanese salad made from seaweed, lotus root, lettuce, ginger and seasonings
Lasagna Sheets - Fresh Frozen Pasta
from United States
Linguine - Fresh Frozen Pasta
from United States
Maple Syrup Blend 55% - Mini Portion Cups
from United States by Sugarman
A blend of maple syrup and pure cane syrup in mini cups to ensure that not a single golden drop goes to waste.
Marcona Almonds Fried
from Spain by De Juan
Rich and meaty Spanish Marcona almonds fried in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt make great partners at cocktail hour.
Mediterranean Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
A round and plump absorbent short-grain rice perfect for many Mediterranean dishes like the classic Spanish Paella.
M'Hamsa Couscous - Natural
from Tunisia by Les Moulins Mahjoub
Hand-rolled couscous all natural, from Tunisia.
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