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Norwegian Smoked Salmon

In Norway a deep red to peach-pink colored salmon, very intensely-flavored is raised and farmed. A silky texture, oily flavor and a subtly salty taste makes this the choice for those who like intensity.
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Marquis Cut Smoked Salmon Fillet
from Norway by Pinnacle
Tender, coral pink salmon of the highest order, this dill-cured delicacy breathes life to homemade canapés, bagels and blini.
Norwegian Balyk Cut Smoked Salmon Trout
from Norway by Pinnacle
Salmon tenderloin, hand-cut, hand-trimmed fillets smoked using the finest oak wood for very mild yet exquisitely buttery flavor.
Norwegian Gravlax Smoked Salmon
from Norway by Fossen
Prime cuts of Atlantic Norwegian salmon cured using dill and sugar, rubbed with a mixture of herbs, then slowly and lightly smoked, creating a rich and fresh flavor.
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout - Whole Side
from Norway by Fossen
The whole side of the superbly smoky Norwegian delicacy, hand cured using a special recipe of sugar and salt applied by hand by experts.
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout Superior Sliced
from Norway by Fossen
Indulge in this captivatingly intense salmon caught and smoked in Norway, and prepared respecting ancient Norwegian techniques. OU Certified.
Royal Cut Norwegian Smoked Salmon Fillet
from Norway by Pinnacle
A succulent delicacy once reserved for royalty: luxuriously buttery and silky center-cut loin of oakwood-smoked salmon.
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout Sliced
from Norway by Fossen
For those who prefer a more intensely smoky salmon, these generously trimmed fillets from Norway are the perfect choice, cured with a special mixture of sugar and salt applied by hand, sliced and vacuum packed.
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