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Morbier Cheese

Soft and supple Morbier cheese is universally recognized, as much for its iconic line of ash running through the center as for its sweet and fruity notes of flavor. Supple and springy, it is delightful sliced onto everything from salads to sandwiches. With excellent melting capabilities, you’ll love the culinary range of this classic French cheese. Offering a dramatic look, Morbier adds a lot to the plate. Sure to steal the show on your next cheese tray or charcuterie board, be sure to include this sensational cheese next time you’re entertaining.
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1 - 2 of 2 products
1 - 2 of 2 products
from France by Livradois

A cheese full of creaminess and fruity flavors, with a thin later of ash in the middle.

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Humboldt Fog - Pre order -
Humboldt Fog (pre-order)
from United States by Cypress Grove

Made by Cypress Grove Chevre in California's Humboldt County, this beautiful goat cheese is creamy and buttery.

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1 - 2 of 2 products

About Morbier Cheese

Like so many foods, Morbier was a product of efficiency more than fancy. Originally a way to use up leftover curd from Comte production, the cheese wasn’t even available to the public for the first hundred years or so of its existence, being relegated to the consumption of the cheesemakers. Created by using the evening production's remaining curd, the cheesemaker would press it into a round mold and cover it with vegetable ash to prevent the curd from drying out. The next day he would place that morning's curd on top, sandwiching the ash in the center and effectively making that iconic black stripe through its center.

Tasting Notes

Morbier boasts a rather intense and pungent aroma but is surprisingly mild in flavor with a wonderfully nutty finish. While not matching its smell in terms of aggression, Morbier is distinctly complex. Fruity with a slight zing, its pale yellow interior is soft and supple, giving you the immediate impression that it would be nice melted on just about anything. And so it is! Firm enough to be sliced, layer Morbier onto everything from a fresh baguette or salad to a fully loaded sandwich. Melt into paninis, casseroles, and more; you’ll love its versatility in the kitchen.

When tasting traditionally made Morbier, be sure to taste both the top and bottom separately to see if you can discern a difference. The bottom is said to always have a more intensely fruity taste than the layer made from the next morning’s milking.

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