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Baking And Pastry

Baking absolutely delicious pies, pastries, croissants and other masterpieces are easy when you have the right ingredients. At Gourmet Food Store we have the most sought after baking ingredients and utensils, for the home baker to the professional pastry chef. From premium baking chocolate and pure fruit purees to croissants and chocolate cups, we have everything baking and pastry-related! Basic staples of the dessert kitchen are available in single packages and bulk, so whether you’re baking for your pleasure or a busy restaurant, you can get exactly the amounts you need. Browse through our comprehensive selection of all things baking below and start stocking your kitchen with the best.

About Our Baking and Pastry Ingredients

At Gourmet Food Store we have all the best ingredients for your best baking ever! If you’re a professional pastry chef or just a home baker that loves to bake with professional grade ingredients, we’ve got a selection that will take your pantry a step above. You’ll be baking the freshest, most delicious chocolate cakes, tarts, mousses and pastries you’ve ever whipped up with our exquisite professional baking chocolate from Valrhona and Callebaut, in special calet and pistole presentations for easy measuring and melting. Our cacao powder will make for the best brownies and chocolate treats yet!

We offer premium vanilla products from Indonesia and Madagascar, like pungent Bourbon vanilla beans, extracts, and pastes. They will add a quality to your baked goods that will delight you. Available in a variety of packaging and quantities, for small home cooks to restaurants and hospitality use, where you get the best value for your money.

We have carefully curated a wide assortment of all things baking and pastry related to help keep your kitchen and pantry fully stocked. Among our long line-up of options, you’ll find premium baking chocolate. Brands that are setting the standards in the world of chocolate like Valrhona, Cocoa Barry, and Callebaut are all well represented among our sweet selection. Everything from pistoles, calets, and chips, to chunks, bars, blocks, and chocolate cigarettes, if it’s chocolate, we have it.

We also have other staples, including a wide range of sugars from invert sugar to large-grained pearl sugar; we carry every kind from every source. Classic sugar cane and sugar beet sugars along with alternative sweeteners like coconut palm, turbinado and complex dark Muscovado sugar. Find a place on our virtual shelves for modern gastronomic wonders like un-meltable snow sugar. No matter if you’re simply stocking your kitchen with the basics or you’re looking for that hard-to-find product, you’re sure to find it from among our assortment of baking items.

Everything you need

Make the best pain au chocolate right at home with pastry butter sheets and professional baking sticks. And if you want patisserie-worthy croissants and pastries without all that kneading and prep, we’ve got a selection of pre-baked croissants with 100% real French butter, ready in just a few minutes in the oven. Our pre-made pastry line includes: French croissants, bear claws, Danish, and so much more. We also carry a range of traditional European bread. Par-baked and ready to be finished in your oven, you’ll find everything from Ciabatta and country Boules to Baguettes and dinner rolls. Finished tart and pie shells, in both savory and sweet manifestations, can also be found. Whether you run a busy commercial enterprise or simply enjoy the relaxing elements of baking, we have everything you need to create all your culinary dreams right here in our Baking and Pastry section on Gourmet Food Store!

Baking And Pastry Questions and Answers

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