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Smoked Salmon and Seafood

Discover a sea of delicious fresh fish, shellfish and gourmet seafood, sourced from the best and most reputable fishermen in the world’s oceans. Whether wild or farmed, we have a great commitment to sustainable seafood, and our selection is a testimony to that.

About Our Seafood

Our fresh seafood available to buy online at Gourmet Food Store includes thick Chilean sea bass steaks, swordfish, fresh salmon and other fish. We also have a great catalog for you to buy fresh shrimp, mussels, oysters and clams, plus prepared seafood like succulent crab cakes and fish burgers. Of course, don’t forget our extensive selection of buttery premium smoked salmon for sale from Norway, Scotland and the UK, including the famous London Cure smoked salmon.

We carry an incredible selection of the best smoked salmon in the world, including rare finds like Balyk cut salmon (from the prized belly of the fish), dill-rubbed gravlax salmon cured in the Scottish and Norwegian traditions from the most reputable smokehouses. Perfect to enjoy with a bagel and some crème fraiche or cream cheese, our lox is delicious. Our whole sides of smoked salmon make excellent corporate gifts for the holidays, an impressive and always welcomes present for clients and business associates. Send your mom a lox-and-bagel kit for Mother’s Day, with everything she needs to savor this delicacy. Set the perfect brunch with buttery slices of smoked salmon, or prepare delicious smoked salmon appetizers, quiches and savory tarts. And avocado toast will taste so much better with silken slivers of smoked salmon on top! We have many smoked salmon gift setoptions to indulge the foodies in your life.

Shellfish and Fresh Fish Selections

For the seafood lover, we have an amazing selection of fresh oysters (including Emerald Cove and St. James oysters), plus fresh littleneck clams, prized mussels, and dry sea scallops. You'll also find our catalog of preserved seafood, like delicious Spanish boquerones for tapas, and the coveted Bonito albacore tuna from Spain. You’ll love our succulent whole and crab legs - including the prized Florida stone crab claws all during the season. If fresh fish is your catch, you’ll love our wide variety of fish from around the world – Chilean sea bass, Portuguese Branzinio, fresh salmon from Canada, plump tuna steaks, whole Snapper from Costa Rica, and much more.

Smoked Salmon and Seafood Questions and Answers

Q:Is seafood healthy?
A:Yes! Seafood is one of the best foods you can eat, highly nutritious, and full of healthy fats like omega-3s, plus a wealth of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eating a diet high in seafood is linked to longevity and lower risk of many diseases.
Q:How do you keep your seafood fresh in transit?
A:Our seafood is shipped out in insulated boxes filled with ice packs, via overnight delivery. This keeps the temperature stable, your product fresh, and transit times minimum.
Q:How is your seafood shipped?
A:Our seafood is shipped via overnight delivery, in insulated boxes filled with ice packs. 
Q:Is the smoked salmon wild caught?
A:Our smoked salmon is farm-raised.
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