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French Peppercorns

Easy to store and even easier to use, peppercorns infuse character and flavor with minimal cooking. Keep these little flavor-packed peppercorns in their pantry and toss them when instant flavor and impact is needed in your dish. Buy spices online from Gourmet Food Store, delivered to your door with ease.
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French Dried Peppercorns - Mixed
from France by
A little bit of everything, so you can add some spice to your kitchen
3 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
French Dried Peppercorns - Green
from France by
A fresh and less pungent flavor, with hints of fruitiness.
French Dried Peppercorns - Black
from France by
A green peppercorn is dried in the sun until it turns black, it delivers a much spicier kick.
French Dried Peppercorns - White
from France by
Very smooth with a mild flavor, less spicy than other varieties. Especially brilliant when used for seasoning white sauces.
French Dried Peppercorns - Pink
from France by
The dried berries of the South American rose plant, they deliver a bitter, pine-like flavor.
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