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Smoked Salmon Gravlax

The Scandinavian classic of Gravlax (also spelled Gravadlax) smoked salmon is prepared using the best cuts of salmon, which undergo a cure using a special rub of sugar, salt, and the essential ingredient, dill. The result is Gravlax smoked salmon, intensely flavorful with a tender texture and a strong herbal taste and aroma.
Types of Smoked Salmon
1 - 4 of 4 products
1 - 4 of 4 products
Scottish Gravlax Smoked Salmon
Scottish Gravlax Salmon
from United Kingdom by Marky's

This sublime delicacy is made with the finest Scottish smoked salmon using the traditional Scandinavian recipe of marinating in sugar, salt, and dill.

4.6(20 reviews)
Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Set
Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Set

A premium gift set of our best varieties of smoked salmon, along with everything else you need to make the best smoked salmon appetizers.

Scottish Gravlax Smoked Salmon Gift Set
Scottish Gravlax Smoked Salmon Gift Set

Scottish in origin, Scandinavian in style, gravlax smoked salmon gift set comes with blini and creme fraiche for creating an elegant surprise brunch

Norwegian Gravlax Smoked Salmon
Norwegian Gravlax Salmon Trout Superior - Sliced
from Norway by Fossen

Our best-selling sustainable Norwegian salmon trout, perfectly smoked and cured.

4.6(9 reviews)
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1 - 4 of 4 products

Smoked Salmon Gravlax Questions And Answers

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