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Food Trends

Just like fashion, the yearly trends in dining and cooking are always changing. While it can be hard to predict the next hot dish or technique in an ever-shifting environment; we help you stay one step ahead with the Food Trends blog on Gourmet Food Store. Everything from tasty new drinks and cocktails to how to style and photograph your food like a pro, you’ll find articles covering every imaginable topic related to the newest food fashions. Browse through our complete list of posts for all the latest additions!
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1 - 6 of 6 posts

Food Trends

Whether it's cronuts or craft cocktails, the world of food is forever changing and evolving. We here at Gourmet Food Store keep our finger on the pulse of the culinary community and bring you the news of our favorite new food trends. Keep up with the techniques the professionals are using and the flavors and ingredients the gourmands are enjoying, with the articles on our food trends blog.

Seasonal Eating

As the year shifts from season to season, you’ll usually also notice a change in what’s on the menu. Chefs know that eating seasonally is the only way to capture flavors at their best, so they closely stick to foods that are in season, and you’ll notice so do the trends. In the Fall and Winter, look for lots of root vegetables, squash, hearty local meats, and wild game. Spring and Summer, in contrast, feature light, bright meals, colorful fruits and vegetables, and a wonderful array of seafood.

While looking at the seasons is a great rule of thumb, society also plays a huge role in predicting food trends. Covid, quarantine, and life after lockdown has greatly impacted every element of our lives, even what we choose to cook and eat. So stay on top of the trends by taking a look at our blog. Regularly updated to keep you abreast of the latest news, check back often to see the tastiest trends.

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