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Foie Gras and Pate

We proudly offer some of the most exquisite foie gras and pates for sale on the market! At Gourmet Food Store you’ll find everything from silky foie gras mousses to chunky rilletes and textured pates.. We also carry 100% blocs, classic terrines studded with aromatic truffles and whipped with port wine, country-style pates, plus other specialties like rendered duck fat (essential for cooking), great-quality foie gras knives, and accompaniments like preserves and jams.

About Our Foie Gras

Around here, rich, buttery textures and smooth, delicious flavors make us happy! It’s everything that the word gourmet really means to us. Whether it’s a piece of bloc sliced atop a baguette with some cornichons, or a perfectly-seared slice of fresh foie gras paired with shavings of truffle and a sweet fig reduction, we love how versatile it can be, and how it can instantly elevate a meal.

For a luxurious taste of the softer side of the charcuterie board, look at our delightful assortment of pates and foie gras. Rich, buttery, and delicate, Foie Gras is considered one of the ultimate culinary delights. Light and silky mousses, savory terrines, liver confit, and so much more. Look through our carefully curated selection and prepare to indulge in the finest gastronomy has to offer!

We carry a selection of fresh foie gras lobes online in every grade – unblemished smooth Grade A lobes and Grade B whole lobes that are ideal for making your own terrines and mousses. We carry a full line of foie gras for sale by Rougie, one of France’s largest and most reputable manufacturers, who moved its production to Canada, ensuring a fresh, high quality product. You’ll also find American selections from Hudson Valley, one of the premier names of foie in the country.

Our list includes a wide range of delicious options to indulge your every gastronomic whim. Rich and airy mousses, some made from pure liver, others sandwiched between layers of flavorful fillings like truffles and jellies. A delightful selection of pates beautifully spiced and seasoned. Some are made from traditional poultry liver, others from pork, smoked salmon, even colorful layers of vegetables, so no matter what kind of pate you prefer, we probably have it right here at Gourmet Food Store.

Whole lobes of Foie Gras are accompanied by perfectly pre-sliced slivers, alongside tiny morsels perfect to suit your every culinary task. Entire lobes are excellent for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments that serve Foie regularly, while our pre-sliced options are the answer to those who’d rather not fuss with the prep-work and get straight to the satisfying business of toasting each slice gently in a pan. While lobes and slices often take center stage in the culinary world, Foie Gras morsels are an excellent item to keep on hand. Simply throw a handful into whatever dish you’re creating to infuse it with the singularly delicious taste.


We deliver all fresh foie gras in chilled packaging, so you receive a super fresh product that you can use upon receipt. From pates for appetizers and fresh lobes for the ultimate gourmet dinners, plus accompaniments and serving utensils, this is your one-stop-shop online!

Foie Gras and Pate Questions and Answers

Q:Can we purchase fois gras in California
A:We ship it anywhere in the US, California included.
Q:How do you pronounce foie gras?
A:The pronunciation of foie gras is: fwah-grah. It's super easy, just takes a little practice to get those French sounds right!
Q:Does your foie gras come from France?
A:No, it is sourced domestically and from Rougie, a French company with production in Canada.
Q:How is your foie gras shipped?
A:Our fresh and frozen foie gras products are shipped in insulated boxes filled with ice packs and shipped via overnight delivery. Our nonperishable products are shipped via ground shipping carefully packed to avoid leaks and breaks.
Q:How is foie gras made?
A:It is made using the gavage method of force-feeding geese and ducks a diet rich in corn to enlarge their livers to maximum capacity. This method originated about 4500 years ago, and is still in place today. Learn more about How Foie Gras is Made.
Q:What is foie gras?
A:Foie gras is a French cuisine delicacy made of the fattened livers of duck and geese.
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