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Brillat Savarin

Brillat-Savarin is a famous triple cream cheese, named after an equally famous French foodie – the 19th century gastronomy Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin. This cheese with impeccable pedigree is beloved for its sumptuous, decadent texture, melting in your mouth with a velvety lusciousness. This luxurious cheese has a fat content of at least 75%, thanks to the addition of rich cream. The result is dense and moist cheese with milky notes and just an amazing mouthfeel.
Milk Type
1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
Brillat Savarin with Papaya
Brillat Savarin with Papaya
from France by Delin

A triple cream cow's milk cheese with sweet chunks of papaya fruit.

4.9(24 reviews)
Brillat Savarin (pre order)
Brillat Savarin
from France by Lincet

Soft triple crème cheese with a downy rind and subtle flavor.

Brillat Savarin Affine
Brillat Savarin Affine
from France by Lincet

Rich and buttery, this triple cream cheese envelops the mouth with it's creamy texture and decadent milky flavor.

4.9(10 reviews)
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Heart Shaped Brillat Savarin (pre order)
Heart Shaped Brillat Savarin (pre-order)
from France by Lincent

A delicate creamy white cheese name after the famed Brillat-Savarin.

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Brillat Savarin with Cranberry
Brillat Savarin with Cranberry
from France by Fromi

This dessert triple cream cheese is studded in sweet-tart cranberries for a delightful balance of flavors and texture.

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1 - 5 of 5 products

Brillat Savarin cheese offers a harmonious convergence of luxurious taste and texture. This cow’s milk cheese is renowned for its exceptionally sumptuous quality. Delicate and creamy, with hints of butter and mushroom, it beguiles the palate with each exquisite bite.

More About Brillat Savarin

The secret behind the luscious quality of a Brillat Savarin is the addition of extra cream. Falling under the umbrella of a triple cream cheese; the technique begins the same as all others. During the cheesemaking process, after the whey is separated it is enriched with more cream. The addition of extra butterfat results in a product that is unbelievably luxurious.

As the cheese affines, it becomes lusciously creamy, with a delicate bloomy rind forming on the surface. With its heavenly texture and rich flavors, the Brillat Savarin is sure to delight the palate.

How to Serve

Rich, creamy, and spreadable, this mild-flavored cheese is a popular favorite with everyone who tries it. To fully appreciate the magnificence of this dessert cheese, it is best enjoyed simply allowing its natural flavors to shine. Serve it at room temperature to enhance its creaminess and elevate its taste. Accompany it with slices of crusty baguette or a selection of crackers, providing a delightful contrast to the smooth texture of the cheese.

For an exquisite pairing: consider serving Brillat Savarin with a glass of Champagne or crisp white wine. The effervescence of the Champagne or the bright acidity of the white wine beautifully complements the rich and indulgent nature of the cheese, creating the ideal contrast of flavors on the palate.


Considered the pinnacle of indulgence within some circles this exquisite cheese comes with a price tag reflecting its luxurious nature and high quality. Expect to invest around $20 to $30 per pound for this creamy masterpiece. Thanks to its rich character, a one-pound wheel of Brillat can easily accommodate twelve people, making a little go a very long way.

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Brillat Savarin Questions And Answers

Q:Where to Buy Brillat Savarin?
A:Order this delightful cheese at any number of online retailers or pay a visit to your local specialty food shop. A popular choice, you’ll find one of the best selections available on our Gourmet Food Store website!
Q:Is Brillat Savarin Similar to Brie?
A:While Brillat Savarin and Brie share similarities as soft, creamy cheeses, Brillat-Savarin is richer and more sumptuous due to its higher cream content, offering a uniquely luxurious dining experience.
Q:Can you Eat the Rind of Brillat Savarin?
A:Yes, the rind of Brillat-Savarin is edible and adds to the overall flavor experience. Though some prefer to remove it, indulging in the more mildly flavored interior.
Q:How Much Does Brillat Savarin Cost?
A:The cost of Brillat-Savarin can vary depending on factors such as brand, origin, and quality. On average, you can expect to pay around $20 to $30 per pound for this luxurious cheese.
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