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The Perfect Charcuterie Platter to Bring to Thanksgiving Parties

by Albertina Roca   |   November 1, 2023   |  

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering, expressing gratitude, and savoring delicious feasts with loved ones. What better way to kick off your Thanksgiving dinner party than with a carefully curated, gourmet charcuterie board that showcases the rich flavors of the season? Here's how to assemble an elegant Thanksgiving charcuterie platter!

A beautifully appointed charcuterie platter is the perfect thing to bring over for Thanksgiving.

The Cheeses: A Seasonal Selection

For your Thanksgiving board, choose cheeses that reflect the essence of the season. Start with rich and creamy selections like Brie, Camembert, or a triple-cream cheese. These choices echo the comfort and warmth of a Thanksgiving feast. Build up with classic firm cheeses like Comte or Swiss Gruyere, mild and flavorful at the same time. A chevre and a blue cheese adds contrast, and is perfect for more adventurous foodie crowds. Aim for 4 cheeses, so as not to overwhelm the palate.

Start with a variety of cheeses that will tempt any palate.

The Cured Meats: Savory Delights

Select a variety of cured meats that complement the cheese and set the tone for a gourmet experience. A classic Italian Prosciutto or a hard salami are classic choices that never disappoint, as they bring a savory depth to your board. For more elevated experiences, the buttery decadence of Iberico ham makes for a luxurious experience.

A selection of gourmet meats like salamis and prosciutto are perfect to build up your board.

Seasonal Spreads

Elevate your charcuterie board with seasonally-inspired spreads and accompaniments. Consider cranberry chutney, fig jam, or pumpkin butter to infuse a taste of Thanksgiving. Any red jam or preserve gives a festive appearance to any dish!

Sweet jams and chunky spreads add sweetness and contrast.

Fresh Autumn Fruits & Nuts

Embrace the season with fresh fruits like crisp apple slices and juicy pears. Their natural sweetness pairs beautifully with the rich and savory elements of your board.

Dried fruits like figs and apricots bring concentrated sweetness and chewy texture. They add depth to the flavor profile, making your board a well-rounded delight.

Include nuts such as Spanish Marcona almonds, roasted pecans and walnuts to provide a toasty crunch and a nutty contrast to the other elements on your board.

Artisanal Bread and Crackers

Select artisanal bread or crackers with a seasonal touch. Options infused with rosemary, cranberries, or pumpkin seeds can enhance the Thanksgiving spirit. If only choosing one, go for something mild so as to pair with all the cheeses.

Fill in corners and empty spaces with a variety of fruits and nuts.

Garnishes: Edible Autumn Beauty

Decorate your board with fresh rosemary sprigs, sage leaves, and edible flowers. These vibrant garnishes add a visual and aromatic touch that's perfect for Thanksgiving.

How To Arrange

Assemble your charcuterie board with an artful eye. Start with the focal points, placing your cheeses and cured meats front and center. Then, artfully arrange your accompaniments, fruits, nuts, and bread or crackers, creating a visually pleasing and spacious layout.

Arrange it artfully and enjoy!.

Make sure there's enough space between your elements, allowing guests to comfortably navigate the board. Consider providing labels or small signs for each cheese, meat, or accompaniment to spark intriguing conversations.

With your Thanksgiving charcuterie board assembled and displayed, you'll set the perfect tone for your Thanksgiving dinner party. Your guests will be welcomed with the flavors of the season, making this special occasion even more memorable. Craft your charcuterie masterpiece with love and care, and celebrate Thanksgiving with an elegant and gourmet touch. Here's to a season of gratitude and culinary delights!

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