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New Zealand Lamb Frenched 4 Rib Racks

from New Zealand by Ovation Chef Ready
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
2 racks, 10 oz ea frozen $40.95 $34.81 $51.19 $43.51
2 x 2 racks, 10 oz ea frozen $36.86 $32.62 $92.15 $81.55

New Zealand Lamb Frenched 4 Rib Racks

This 4-bone Frenched rack of lamb offers the highest quality New Zealand lamb in ready-to-roast portions. Each pre-cut lamb rack is a generous single serving waiting to go straight from the oven to the plate. Prized not only for its mild taste and tender texture but also for its elegant appearance, the rack of lamb is one of the most coveted portions.

Before being cut into fours, each rack is masterfully Frenched, a classic technique that consists of cleaning off the ends of each rib and squaring them to create a presentation any five-star restaurant would be proud to serve.

All the portions made available in the Ovation Chef Ready lamb program are hand selected, ensuring the highest quality. Expertly processed, each portion offers 100% yield. You’ll never have to bother with trimming or cutting when you start with Chef Ready.

Sourcing their lamb from grass-fed and finished pasture-raised sheep from New Zealand, their products are some of the tastiest on the market. Hormone and antibiotic-free, they’re also a wholesome, healthy choice. Aged for 96 hours before freezing; this extra time brings their meat to the pinnacle of tenderness and taste. Enjoy lamb the way it’s meant to taste by purchasing your favorite portions from Ovation Chef Ready, available at Gourmet Food Store!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Meat and Game: Lamb
Cuts: Ribs and Racks
Origin: New Zealand

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Questions and Answers

Q:do you ship to toronto, canada?
A:This is a perishable item and thus it cannot be shipped outside of the US. We offer international delivery only for the shelf stable items we carry.

Product Pricing and Weight Specifications

This product is priced by the lb. shipped, and you will be charged based on the actual weight of the item shipped, by the price per lb for the product. The total price your shopping cart shows is an estimated charge. You will not be charged until the product ships, based on the weight that is shipped. The chart below shows estimated weight ranges and actual prices per lb. for this item.

Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
2063901 2 racks, 10 oz ea 1.00 lbs. - 1.50 lbs. $40.95 $34.81
2063901 2 racks, 10 oz ea 1.00 lbs. - 1.50 lbs. $40.95 $34.81
2063902 2 x 2 racks, 10 oz ea 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $36.86 $32.62
2063902 2 x 2 racks, 10 oz ea 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $36.86 $32.62
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