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Marquis Cut Smoked Salmon Trout Fillet

from Norway by Pinnacle
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Marquis Cut Smoked Salmon Trout Fillet

Harvested in the cold clear fjords of Norway, our Steelhead Salmon-Trout fillets are some of the finest in the world. This Smoked Salmon fillet “Royal” also known as Coeur de Saumon, is the most tender and succulent cut of the fish. Translating literally to “Salmon’s heart,” this exceptional fillet boasts a luxurious silky consistency and intense flavor unequaled by other cuts of fish. Pinnacle prepares their magnificent fillets by first expertly smoking their fish in oak wood, to impart a singularly delicious taste, before skillfully removing the skin so that every ounce of this extraordinary fish can be enjoyed.

Renowned for their heavily marbled deep red flesh and fresh briney taste, Norwegian Salmon-Trout, owe their remarkable flavor to their glacial home. The natural fjords, where rivers formed by glaciers and melted snow, intersect with the sea to create a less salty environment for the native fish and provide them with a uniquely clean taste unlike any other. With unequaled quality in terms of taste and texture, it's no wonder that these delightful fish are a favorite ingredient among chefs and the delight of gourmands everywhere. Offering plenty of health benefits, including a hefty serving of healthy fats and vitamins, the Norwegian Salmon is not only delicious but also healthy!

Enjoyed straight from the packet, or included in a range of recipes, this luxurious fish is one of our favorites! Add it to your next risotto for a deeply savory twist on the classic, or incorporate it into your morning routine with a few generous slices of salmon on toast, topped with scrambled eggs. But it doesn’t stop there! Blitz it into a creamy paté to pair with some seedy crackers and thinly sliced rye bread, or add it to a potato gratin or French quiche for a piquant upgrade. No matter how you choose to enjoy this sumptuous smoked Salmon, we’re certain you’ll be impressed with both the sensational taste and rich texture of this fish!

Ingredients: Steelhead salmon trout, sea salt, oak wood smoke.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Types of Smoked Salmon: Specialty Cuts
Origin: Norwegian
Preparation: Cold Smoked Salmon

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Lyn from St Paul, MN

Questions and Answers

Q:It is not specified in this product description if the fish that you sale is farmed or wild caught . Can you please clarify ? Thank you .
A:The Salmon Trout is farmed.

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1604001 1.8 lbs 1.50 lbs. - 2.10 lbs. $85.84
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