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Espelette Pepper Powder

from France by Nahia
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Espelette Pepper Powder

This Basque specialty pepper is one of the world’s most famous spices. Once grown in monasteries in Spain and Portugal, its name comes from the village where the best type of this pepper originates, the village of Espelette in Basque France.

Brick-red espelette pepper is coveted in gastronomy for a decided peppery flavor that’s also delicate, and fruity, making it ideal to add to everything from savory sauces to baking treats. In Basque cooking, it’s used to replace black pepper in practically everything. It ranks medium-low in the Scoville scale (which ranks the heat of peppers), so it’s a good gentle option that won’t scorch your tongue but still deliver pleasant warmth.

Once grown in the Spanish and Portuguese monasteries, the Espelette pepper is a culinary legend in the Basque country of France. Their name comes from the village where the best of them originate, the village of Espelette in southwest France. Today, Espelette is still harvested and processed by hand, a labor that’s time-consuming and which guarantees the quality of the peppers that are picked. They’re dried and then toasted for smokiness, then ground.

Use espelette to finish sauces like Ragu, mayo or cream based sauces like béarnaise or aioli, or sprinkle over polenta, pasta or risotto, seafood and meats, and you’ll find it a great, unexpected partner to fine dark chocolate.

Our Espelette pepper from La Ferme Nahia is organic, with no added colors, preservatives or flavorings. Just 100% Espelette pepper from France.

Ingredients: PDO Espelette pepper flakes 100%
Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Spices: Chili, Harissa, Espelette, Dried Spices
Origin: France

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