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Epoisses Berthaut

from France by BERTHAUT
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Epoisses Berthaut

Soft cow's milk fromage from the Cote-d'Or and Burgundy regions of France. Covered with a beautiful orange rind (thanks to the Marc de Bourgogne), it is superbly creamy with a very intense aroma but a sweet and subtle flavor. From Fromagerie Berthaut.
Ingredients: Pasteurized full cream cow’s milk, Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Lactic and ripening ferments, Salt (Sodium Chloride), Marc of Burgundy
Storage: refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Name: Epoisses
Milk Type: Cow
Texture: Soft
Type: Stinky
Origin: French
Shape: Wheel

Product Reviews

This cheese lives up to its famous rep for strong smelling. But let it ripen a day or two and this cheese is soft a really tastes great. wonderful.
Eric from Tallahassee, FL
The package arrived promptly and the cheese was well-packed. The cheese was a hit—fresh, creamy, and delicious.
Elizabeth from Miami, FL
The perfect “stinky cheese” - so creamy and delicate. On a slice of toast or a cracker with some honeycomb...heaven.
Michael from Athens, OH
This is a wonderful soft cheese.
virginia from Seattle, WA
Jason from Norfolk, NY

Questions and Answers

Q:What is good cracker to serve with this cheese. Any suggestions other tha a baguette
A:The cracker I would personally suggest is our Traditional Black Truffle Flavored Cracker by Paul and Pippa Any of the Paul and Pippa crackers would go very well with the Epoisses Berthaut though.
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