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Pont L'Eveque AOC

from France by Graindorge
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Pont L'Eveque AOC

The Pont L'Eveque cheese is certainly one of our most popular French cheese selections. An AOC controlled cheese, Pont L'Eveque's manufacture is bound to strict quality control and very particular processes, to maintain authenticity. With a pale pate, and a soft yet supple texture, it's a solid addition to a cheese board, bound to please most if not all palates. It's mellow and subtle, and pairs wonderfully with Beaujolais and Bordeaux wines.
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, lactic ferments, rennet.
Storage: refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Milk Type: Cow
Texture: Soft
Type: Stinky
Origin: French
Shape: Block

Product Reviews

An excellent creamy Brie-style cheese.
Marc from Boynton Beach, FL
The Pont L'Eveque on the other hand has no such issues. I would order this again but probably will not order more of that Livarot.
Montgomery from Delray Beach, FL
I love this cheese, I have for a very long time and so I am glad I am able to order it.
Naomi from Bakersfield, CA
This reminds me of living in Normandy.. a soft cheese with somewhat pungent aroma and a lot of flavor. Stronger than Brie and Camembert, but not as sharp as Livarot.
Joanne from SAN DIEGO, CA
nice and sharp and creamy
George from San Francisco, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:It would great to mention what kind of animal all these cheeses are from. Buffalo, cow, goat, sheep?
A:The Pont L'Eveque cheese is a cow's milk cheese.
Q:What is the shelf life on this product. I am in Tahlequah, OK
A:The shelf life for this cheese is 2 weeks refrigerated.
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