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Can You Freeze Cheese?

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Cheese purists will tell you – very vehemently – no. And they would be right. Why? Because freezing will pretty much ruin the structure of the cheese. It’s not actually the freezing that deteriorates the cheese, but rather the defrosting, which causes the molecular structure of the cheese to break down. So instead of a soft, gooey double creme cheese, or a firm, pliable Swiss, you get a crumbly, hard, dry lump that you paid very good money for.

Now, this is not a written-in-stone rule. There’s a caveat (as there usually is). Is freezing cheese safe? Yes. Is it edible? Yes. Is it good? Not so much. You should freeze cheese if you’re planning to cook with it, like in casseroles or quiches, but you definitely shouldn’t if you’re planning on using it for a cheese board or platter at your next party.

Some cheeses freeze better than others. Firmer (but not hard) cheeses like cheddar or Provolone tend to maintain their structure better. Soft, gooey cheeses like Brie or triple creams most definitely don’t freeze well. Cheeses with holes tend to get freezer burn. So, the question again is not if you can freeze cheese, but rather if you should. And the answer is no. The result is a disaster.

However, if you find a can’t-pass-up deal on bulk, processed cheese, by all means grab it and freeze it - but even then, know that you'll have to cook with it or melt it. But don't freeze the good fromage!  Leave that gooey, delicious Crottin or Saint Andre in the fridge – if you have extras, make you favorite quiche, grilled cheese or just gather your friends for a cheese party.

Hopefully this has helped answer your question of, can you freeze cheese?
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