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Be the ultimate cheese know-it-all with Gourmet Food Store’s ultimate and definitive guide to cheese and butter! Everything you needed and wanted to know about the different types of cheeses, the difference between soft, hard, fresh and aged cheese, nutrition, calories, and how to serve and pair cheeses. Plus, an encyclopedia of cheese information, like the history of cheese, cheese buying tips, how to pair wine and cheese and so much more.
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Artisan vs. Industrial Cheese

With the arrival of the industrial revolution, many of the cheese makers moved to the factories where their products had pasteurized milk and were made in an ass...
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Cheese purists will tell you – very vehemently – no. And they would be right. Why? Because freezing will pretty much ruin the structure of the cheese. It’s not actually the freez...
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Tips on cheese-buying

  • Pick a store that you know has good standing and solid reputation. Gourmet cheese is a perishable, highly delicate product, and you should be able to trust ...
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Nutritional Information of Cheese

The great news is that cheese not only tastes good, it is also an integral part of the healthy diet. Moreover, recent studies have proved that calcium, prese...
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The Origins of Le Fromage

Everybody loves cheese, but very few people know much about it. So many flavors, so many colors, even the smell can be overwhelming at times. We all know it...
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Yes, most cheese is gluten free. Cheese made out of milk, rennet and bacteria, none of which contains gluten. Sometimes however, producers add other ingredients to cheese, so you should always rea...
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Because there are hundreds of cheeses that come in all sizes, it is important for every cheese lover out there to know how to cut and serve it. Like the cheese itself, handling and serving this gou...
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Seasons of Cheese

Intro: Unfortunately, not every cheese can be enjoyed all year round. Certain cheeses come and go as the seasons change, depending on the effects the weathe...
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The ABCs of the A.O.C. and the D.O.P.


Whenever you read about the most famous and s...
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  • Pressed Cheeses (uncooked): Curd that has been pressed in molds to expel the whey (Mimolette).
  • Semi-Firm Cheeses: Cooked and pressed chees...
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Marrying Wine and Cheese: Making A Good Match

Although there are few things greater in life than a good hunk of sm...
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