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Cheese And Butter Resources

Be the ultimate cheese know-it-all with Gourmet Food Store’s ultimate and definitive guide to cheese and butter! Everything you needed and wanted to know about the different types of cheeses, the difference between soft, hard, fresh and aged cheese, nutrition, calories, and how to serve and pair cheeses. Plus, an encyclopedia of cheese information, like the history of cheese, cheese buying tips, how to pair wine and cheese and so much more.
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The 8 Families of Cheese  |  Gourmet Food Store
With all cheese being made from the same base ingredient, milk, how can there be such a diverse range of tastes and textures? Find out!
Is Cheese Gluten Free? | Gourmet Food Store
While most cheese is essentially gluten-free, make sure you look at the label to make sure the facility where it comes from to make sure there’s no gluten traces.
Can You Freeze Cheese?
You went a little overboard when went cheese shopping, and now you have a big wedge of brie leftover. Can you freeze cheese? Ideally, use it fresh, but if you must, here are some tips.
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Wine & Cheese
What wine pairs best with blue cheese? What’s the ultimate wine pairing for chevre? The correct wine pairing can make or break the cheese tasting experience, so bookmark this as a must-read.
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The AOC & DOP Cheese
Ever see the letters DOP or AOC on your cheese or bottle of wine? In this article we break down what the protected denomination of origin means and help you understand how it works and why it's on your food’s labels.
Types of Cheese | Gourmet Food Store
From raw milk and washed rind to bloomy and hard-paste, the world of cheeses can be overwhelming at times. For tips, consult our complete list of cheese varieties to understand how to classify and talk about cheese like a pro.
Seasons of Cheese
In the world of artisanal cheeses, seasonal eating is imperative. Depending on the weather and local climate, not all your favorite cheeses are available year-round. So knowing the best season to buy your favorite cheeses is imperative.
Q&A: Serving Cheese
From storing and portioning to the right utensils, learn how to cut and serve your favorite cheeses like a pro with our in depth cheese Q and A.
History of Cheese
Throughout every generation, mankind has been making cheese, developing and perfecting it throughout the centuries. Based on those time-tested practices and traditions, cheese-making has now been elevated to an art form.
Cheese Nutrition
Cheese is not only a delicious and versatile ingredient in the kitchen; it's also an integral part of a well-varied and wholesome diet.
Cheese Buying Cheese Tips
The world of cheese is a vast and sometimes overwhelming one. To ensure you’re getting the best cheeses to suit your lifestyle, cooking habits, and preferences, be sure to read this article on how to buy cheese the right way.
Artisan vs. Industrial Cheese
While small-batch artisanal cheeses have their place, industrially made cheese should not be discounted. Within the wide world of cheese, both varieties offer their own set of singularly delicious qualities.