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Suffolk Punch Caciocavallo
Suffolk Punch Caciocavallo
from United States by Parish Hill Creamery

An American take on a traditional Italian favorite, this gourd-shaped cheese offers a delicious blend of tradition and innovation.

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365 - 365 of 365 products
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Like culinary alchemy, cheese represents one of the most captivating transformations within the world of gastronomy. Transfigured from an elemental ingredient like milk to the vast array of complex cheeses available today: this irresistible food never fails to charm. From soft and creamy to sharp and crumbly, cheese offers a rich history featuring craftsmanship and artistry of the highest order. Prepare to indulge in a delightful variety of choices, where each bite unlocks a wave of flavors sure to ignite your epicurean imagination.

Cheese is, in most rudimentary terms, a dairy product produced through the coagulation of milk with the aid of enzymes. The curds, separated from the whey, are shaped and aged, resulting in a staggering variety of textures and flavors.

More About Cheese

From the careful selection of milk to the precise timing of curdling, cutting, pressing, and aging. Cheesemakers meticulously shape each cheese's unique character. Just as wine reflects the characteristics of its vineyard, cheese embodies the flavors and essence of the land on which the animals graze. Factors like soil, climate, and local flora contribute to the distinct flavors and nuances found in regional cheeses.

Types of Cheese

Cheeses span a rich spectrum of flavors and textures, from the velvety bliss of Brie and Camembert to the crumbly tang of Feta and the robust bite of Blue. Indulge in the buttery smoothness of Gouda, the sharpness of Cheddar, and the creamy decadence of Mascarpone.

Cheese is categorized into eight families, each with its own distinct characteristics: Fresh, Bloomy Rind (Soft-Ripened), Semi-Soft, Washed-Rind, Semi-Hard, Blue, Hard-Cheese, and Stretched-Curd or Pasta Filata.


The price of cheese can vary greatly depending on a host of factors such as type, origin, quality, and production methods. Special, artisanal cheeses often have a higher price tag due to their craftsmanship and unique characteristics. Imported cheeses can also be more expensive due to factors like transportation costs. Additionally, exotic or aged luxury cheeses can command premium prices. It's important to consider the value, quality, and enjoyment that an ingredient brings when making purchasing decisions. Remember, the pleasure derived from savoring a well-crafted cheese is always worth the investment.

Ordering Cheese from Gourmet Food Store

Online retailers like Gourmet Food Store have opened up a world of possibilities for the small-town gourmand. Gone are the days of being limited to local cheese offerings. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly browse an extensive selection of cheeses, read descriptions, and access detailed information about each product. Shop a diverse range of cheeses, from renowned classics to rare and exotic varieties and place your order in a matter of minutes, knowing it will be delivered as soon as the next day!

Cheese Questions And Answers

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