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Danish Cheese

Denmark has long been known for its rich cheese culture and its diverse assortment of delicious cheeses unique to that country. With its temperate climate and miles of fertile pastureland, it’s no wonder that Denmark is a worldwide center for all things cheese-related. From firm and sliceable to semi-soft and everything in between, the Daines sure know how to make a great wheel of cheese. With a slew of mouth-watering choices to try, you can’t go wrong with any of our delicious Danish cheese options!
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Danish Blue Cheese
Danish Blue Cheese
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A deliciously rich and creamy blue-veined cheese from Denmark.

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Considered a staple of the dairy-rich Danish diet: cheese has featured prominently in daily Danish life for centuries. With a cheese-making tradition that stretches all the way back to the Vikings, it’s no wonder they are responsible for some of the tastiest cheese varieties available to this day. Much of Danish cooking and culinary practices mimic those of Europe, and you’ll find many of their most popular cheese varieties boast similar flavor profiles and textures to those you may already be familiar with. However, despite some crossover, Danish cheeses have developed their own unique qualities that set them apart and have given so many of their cheeses cult followings. With a flourishing artisan cheese-making community, look to Denmark for aromatic blues like Dana blu, mild Havarti, firm and tangy Maribo, and so much more.

To enjoy cheese in the traditional Danish way, slice and smear cheese on bread for a classic breakfast, or layer slices onto smørrebrød for one of their iconic open sandwiches. Incorporate any of their delightful cheeses into charcuterie boards and cheese trays for a tasty touch of Scandinavian flavor, and don’t forget the wealth of cooking options any of these tasty cheeses afford the creative cook. No matter how you choose to use them, you’ll love the singularly delicious flavor of Denmark’s unique cheese selection.

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