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French Gourmet Food

The mystique of French gourmet cuisine is undeniable - classic, sophisticated, refined, yet also hearty and rustic, it is present not only in fine restaurants, but also in simple dishes we enjoy day to day. From decadent and smooth foie gras to the most luxurious and sinfully delicious charcuterie and confections, France's gastronomy is truly unparalleled. And the cheeses, oh, the cheeses! A seemingly endless array of chevres, bleus, Bries and Camemberts - and that's just to start! Stock up your cart with the finest foods of France - don't forget a box of macarons, the perfect gift! Gourmet Food Store is thrilled to be able to offer an incredible selection of French gourmet foods, including sophisticated cheese boards, escargots, butter, confectionery, chocolate, fruit purees and more.
Discover and buy authentic, delicious French foods and specialties online at Gourmet Food Store! One of our specialties is the gourmet French pantry, as well as luxurious delicacies like foie gras, the most coveted French cheeses (we've got hundreds!), charcuterie like saucissons and magret, and so much more. Stock gourmet gift baskets with French treats to send to a Francophile friend, or send a business associate a truly luxury corporate gift of French food. Searching for boxes chock full of dainty French macarons? We've got them! Plus French butters like Isigny and Echire, coveted by pastry chefs and restaurants everywhere in the world, and hard-to-find goods like escargot, fleur de sel and professional-grade baking chocolate. Making classic French dishes will be a breeze once your pantry is fully stocked with our ingredients from France, and an authentic French cheese course is only a click away. Shop for French cheese samplers, and French food gifts for loved one. Season like a French chef with extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, sea salt, and rich sauces. From peasant-fare to haute cuisine, we're your one-stop-French-shop for food products from France!

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