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French Gourmet Food

The mystique of French gourmet cuisine is undeniable - classic, sophisticated, refined, yet also hearty and rustic, it is present not only in fine restaurants, but also in simple dishes we enjoy day to day. From decadent and smooth foie gras to the most luxurious and sinfully delicious charcuterie and confections, France's gastronomy is truly unparalleled. And the cheeses, oh, the cheeses! A seemingly endless array of chevres, bleus, Bries and Camemberts - and that's just to start! Stock up your cart with the finest foods of France - don't forget a box of macarons, the perfect gift! Gourmet Food Store is thrilled to be able to offer an incredible selection of French gourmet foods, including sophisticated cheese boards, escargots, butter, confectionery, chocolate, fruit purees and more.
Jambon de Bayonne Ham - Boneless, Dry Cured
from France by Delpeyrat
This air-cured French delicacy with bone removed is mild and tender with only a hint of saltiness.
5 out of 5 stars rating (3 reviews)
Seaweed Oil
from France by Groix & Nature
A great combination of grape seed oil blended with seaweed and aromatic basil.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Morello Cherries In Kirsch Brandy
from France by Les Parisiennes
Sinfully delicious French cherries, semi-candied and soaked in fruit brandy. The perfect after-dinner indulgence!
5 out of 5 stars rating (7 reviews)
Lobster Oil
from France by Groix & Nature
A gorgeous and versatile grapeseed oil infused with roasted lobster shells for a rosé-like hue and a mild, fragrant flavor.
Gourmet Gift Set
from United States by
Creamy French cheeses, foie gras mousse, Serrano ham, sweets and culinary condiments make for a super sumptuous gift set.
Sweet Treats Gift Set
from United States by
Sweet dreams are made of these: Belgian chocolates, French cookies, Spanish fig bon bons, macaroons and brandy-soaked cherries.
Crab Rillettes from France
from France by Groix & Nature
A sumptuous spread of whipped crab meat cooked with shallots, cream, garlic and butter.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Madagascar Green Peppercorns in Brine
from France by Moulin
Tangy, fresh and with a milder kick than black peppercorns, perfect for steak sauces and more.
Deluxe Teatime Gift Set
from United States by
Upgrade your teatime celebrations with Tea Forte samplers, wildflower honey, fruit jam, flowers in syrup and a whole load of French butter cookies.
French Sardines in Olive Oil
from France by Les Mouettes d'Arvor
Seasonably fished off the coast of France, these delicate little sardines are hand-packed in extra virgin olive oil.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Scallop Rillettes
from France by Groix & Nature
A rich, decadently textured spread of scallops and cream, made in France.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (2 reviews)
French Crispy Crackers with Rosemary
from France by Tresors Gourmands
Infused with the fresh and fragrant flavor of rosemary, these little crackers are the perfect bite-sized companion to your cheese and charcuterie boards.
French Sardines in Organic Olive Oil
from France by Les Mouettes d'Arvor
Tasty little sardines sustainably fished, hand-selected, and hand-packed in organic extra virgin olive oil.
2 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Lobster, Mackerel, Scallop, Trout Rillettes Sampler
from France by Groix & Nature
A tasty assortment of gourmet canned seafood including lobster mackerel, scallop and trout rillettes.
French Raspberry Fruit Spread - Organic
from France by Les Comtes de Provence
The ideal combination of sweet and tart our raspberry fruit spread is the perfect addition to any meal or recipe!
French Crispy Crackers with Garlic and Herbs
from France by Tresors Gourmands
Delicately flavored with garlic and fresh herbs, these waffle-style crackers make the perfect partner to goat cheeses and smoked salmon.

French Gourmet Food

  • French Breads and Pastries

    French Breads and Pastries

    Our French breads and pastries are worthy of the best bakeries and patisseries.
  • French Butters

    French Butters

    The French have elevated the simple butter to sublime proportions.
  • French Caviar

    French Caviar

    Osetra caviar from Siberian sturgeon raised in French Aquafarms is a delicious and sustainable resource.
  • French Cheese

    French Cheese

    Home to one of the strongest culinary and cheese-making traditions in the world.
  • French Chestnuts

    French Chestnuts

    Roast them by the open fire, eat them glazed or in syrup, or create pastries and sweet treats with French marrons.
  • French Chocolate

    French Chocolate

    The best chocolatiers come from France, and they take immense pride on the quality of their fine chocolate.
  • French Condiments

    French Condiments

    Grainy French mustard, spicy peppers, tart cornichons! Discover our selection of French condiments.
  • French Cookies and Sweets

    French Cookies and Sweets

    Click to discover a world of sophisticated sweets and treats.
  • French Culinary Oils

    French Culinary Oils

    France's countryside offers a wealth of flavored oils and vinegars.
  • French Escargot

    French Escargot

    A treat that is absolutely synonymous with the highest of French cuisine: escargots, the quintessential mark of the culinary connoisseur.
  • French Foie Gras

    French Foie Gras

    Revered as one of the most exquisite foods in the world, foie gras is synonymous with great taste and unabashed elegance.
  • French Fruit Purees

    French Fruit Purees

    Delicious and flavorful French fruit purees will add color and fresh fruit flavor to cocktails, sorbets, desserts, pies and more!
  • French Fruits in Liquor

    French Fruits in Liquor

    Sweet and syrupy berries in liquor from France.
  • French Honey

    French Honey

    Discover delicate, sweet and fragrant honeys collected from the most beautiful countryside in France.
  • French Lentils and Beans

    French Lentils and Beans

    Essential ingredients in classic French cooking! We carry the best selection of lentils and beans for authentic French soups and salads.
  • French Mushrooms

    French Mushrooms

    A comprehensive mushroom selections of French mushrooms by Terroirs d'Antan
  • French Mustard

    French Mustard

    Spicy, smooth, fresh and fragrant, these world-class imported mustards are just the thing to stock up on.
  • French Olives

    French Olives

    We carry a great selection of French olives like the famous Nicoise and green pitted olives.
  • French Peppercorns

    French Peppercorns

    Small and zesty peppercorns in a myriad of flavors and colors add maximum flavor with minimal effort.
  • French Preserves

    French Preserves

    Our jams and teas are imported straight from the French countryside.
  • French Sauces

    French Sauces

    Extraordinary classic French sauces that you don't have to make from scratch and that taste exquisite.
  • French Sea Salts

    French Sea Salts

    An indispensable item in every five-star kitchen and home, there is nothing quite as luxurious as Sea Salt.
  • French Service Items

    French Service Items

    A selection of super sophisticated and elegant serveware, made in France.
  • French Specialty Meats

    French Specialty Meats

    Famed specialty meat items from France, including sausage, saucissons, salamis, hams, and much more.
  • French Style Pates

    French Style Pates

    Exquisite and super-spreadable pâtés for all palates, perfect to serve with toast points.
  • French Style Sausages

    French Style Sausages

    The most brilliant and top quality examples of French-style charcuterie.
  • French Truffles

    French Truffles

    A land made of chef's dreams, France offers you the earthy black truffle.
  • French Vinegars

    French Vinegars

    Known for its amazing wines, France also boasts some of the best vinegars in the world.

French Brands

  • Boiron


    This selection of premium French frozen fruit and vegetable purees and coulis will inspire wonderful smoothies, cocktails and desserts.
  • Bonne Maman

    Bonne Maman

    A selection of sweet, rich preserves and jams from France presented in beautiful packaging, perfect for hospitality and food service.
  • Bridor


    Discover Bridor's assortment of pre-baked French pastries, croissants and breads that will make your kitchen feel like a Parisian bakery.
  • Cacao Barry

    Cacao Barry

    A catalog of the best-quality cacao from France, perfect for both the professional and home baker.
  • Christian Potier

    Christian Potier

    Discover delicious and practical gourmet microwaveable French sauces developed by a classically-trained French chef.
  • Delouis Fils

    Delouis Fils

    Producers and purveyors of fine French culinary vinegars, authentic French mustards, and classic sauces since 1885.
  • Delpeyrat


    Discover fine duck specialties from Sarlat and delicious Bayonne ham from a French manufacturer in Perigord.
  • Echire


    Chefs and connoisseurs agree: Echire produces the best, creamiest butter in the world. 
  • Isigny


    A French dairy coop with a long and prestigious tradition of butter-making, supplying some of the best butters in France.
  • La Fruitiere

    La Fruitiere

    Taste a range of rich and flavorful fruit purees that deliver all the ripeness and sweetness of fresh fruit.
  • Pierre Biscuiterie

    Pierre Biscuiterie

    A collection of mouthwatering French butter cookies made with GMO-free ingredients following century old recipes and methods. 
  • Rougie


    One of France's premier producers of fine foie gras and truffle specialties, with an unparalleled product selection. 
  • Sevre et Belles

    Sevre et Belles

    A century-old dairy in Poitou-Charentes, producers of some of the best butters and cheeses in France. 
  • Terroirs d'Antan

    Terroirs d'Antan

    Stock your pantry with authentic classic ingredients from France, like saucisson, pates and escargot. 
  • Valrhona


    French purveyors of premium professional baking chocolate from the finest cacao beans around the world.
Discover and buy authentic, delicious French foods and specialties online at Gourmet Food Store! One of our specialties is the gourmet French pantry, as well as luxurious delicacies like foie gras, the most coveted French cheeses (we've got hundreds!), charcuterie like saucissons and magret, and so much more. Stock gourmet gift baskets with French treats to send to a Francophile friend, or send a business associate a truly luxury corporate gift of French food. Searching for boxes chock full of dainty French macarons? We've got them! Plus French butters like Isigny and Echire, coveted by pastry chefs and restaurants everywhere in the world, and hard-to-find goods like escargot, fleur de sel and professional-grade baking chocolate. Making classic French dishes will be a breeze once your pantry is fully stocked with our ingredients from France, and an authentic French cheese course is only a click away. Shop for French cheese samplers, and French food gifts for loved one. Season like a French chef with extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, sea salt, and rich sauces. From peasant-fare to haute cuisine, we're your one-stop-French-shop for food products from France!

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