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French Almond Macaroons

from France by Patachoux
Item description Temp PRICE/PIECE Price Qty Sku
6 pc box chilled $1.68 $10.06
12 pc box chilled $1.34 $16.07
72 pc box chilled $1.43 $102.85
96 pc box chilled $1.26 $120.85
12 x 6 pc box chilled $1.50 $108.00
6 x 12 pc box chilled $1.21 $86.82
2 x 72 pc box chilled $1.29 $185.14
2 x 96 pc box chilled $1.13 $217.54

French Almond Macaroons

These light and airy cloud-like cookies are made with almond flour, sugar and white eggs, then filled with butter cream or jam. These macaroons for sale literally melt in your mouth and come in a variety of 6 different flavours, such as vanilla, coffee, chocolate, raspberry, Pistachio and lemon. These French almond macaroons are delicious. Buy French macaroons online for a fun and decadent treat.

Ingredients: Sugar, almond, liquid egg white, butter, raspberry filling(raspberry, sugar, glucose syrup-fructose, gelling agents: sodium alginate-pectin, acidifier: citric acid), cream (cream, stabilizer: carrageenans), chocolate ganache (cocoa paste, sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin), pasteurized whole egg, maize starch, coloring agents: curcumine - riboflavin phosphate - copper complexes of chlorophyllins - caramel - red beet juice concentrate, pistachio paste (pistachio, syrup sugar, water, flavoring), egg albumen, acidifier: citric acid, gelling agent: xanthan gum, whipping agent: triethyl citrate, malt powder (gluten), lemon concentrate (lemon concentrate, acidifier: citric acid, lemon essential oil), coffee extract, invert sugar syrup, cocoa powder, natural flavoring, water. May contain traces of peanut, sesame seeds, sulphites and other nuts.
Storage: frozen
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Sweets Selection: French Macarons
Brands: Patachoux
Origin: France

Product Reviews

Went all too quick for this family. Bought them for my daughter's b-day as she had been asking for some for a very long time. Everyone loved them. Crisp. Fresh. wonderful.
Michael from Centreville, MD
My family loved
Samia from Asheville, NC
Anna from Pembroke, NH
These got eaten very quickly! Tasty and a perfect finish the our picnic.
Les from Garner, NC
He enjoyed them. I was under the impression all macarons were gluten free - my bad, his wife could not enjoy.For that reason will find another source.
Kim from Mendocino, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:I would like to order about 450 for a wedding on August 28. I am able to either keep them frozen or refrigerated for an unlimited amout of time. When should i order them? How long for delivery?
A:The Macaroons can be kept frozen for about 2 months and refrigerated for around 1.5 weeks. They are perishable and thus they require Overnight delivery. You can place the order at any time and request a future delivery date, closer to the event date.
Q:Do you sell a dozen coffee macaroons ? I like to order this.
A:The boxes of Macarons come prepackaged by the manufacturer with all 6 flavors included. Unfortunately we cannot break the boxes to sell only certain flavors/colors.
Q:Can these sit out at room temp for a few hours? Would like to serve them while playing bridge
A:Yes, the macaroons can be kept at room temperature for a few hours.
Q:Do you deliver in boulder Co? Thank you!
A:Yes, we ship Macaron to all 50 states via FedEx Overnight Shipping
Q:Can you order just pink? For a baby shower?
A:The box comes prepackaged by the manufacturer with all 6 flavors included. Unfortunately we cannot break the boxes to sell only certain flavors/colors.
Q:they do contain gluten right???
A:Yes, the French Almond Macaroons contain gluten. They are not gluten free.
Q:Once they are defrosted will they last for 1 day out the refrigerator. We have to put them in favor boxes for a wedding
A:The Macaroons will be fine if they are kept 1-2 days in the refrigerator.
Q:Are these actually made in France?
A:Yes, the French Almond Macaroons are made in France, by Pata Choux.
Q:Where are they made or how can you guarantee freshness? How far ahead are they baked before deliver? They look awesome and beautiful, I'm just a little concerned about freshness. Will they last 2 days upon delivery?
A:The Macarons are made and imported from France. The production date varies but we keep them frozen to ensure freshness. They have a shelf life of about 1-2 weeks refrigerated but they can also be kept frozen for 1-2 months.
Q:Can I ship them to Australia
A:Unfortunately, these macaroons need to be kept chilled, so we can't ship them outside the USA.
Q:Can they be sent to h Hawaii?
A:Yes, all of our products can ship to Hawaii without any issues.
Q:can i get vanilla, lemon, pasticio, and raspberry in the 72 box package. i am allergic to choc. ?
A:The box comes prepackaged by the manufacturer with all 6 flavors included. Unfortunately we cannot break the boxes, so we cannot sell only certain flavors.
Q:Hi are these assorted macarons? It says French almond so I wasn't sure and I wanted to order 72 of them
A:Yes, these macarons are assorted. There are 6 flavors in a box: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, raspberry, pistachio and lemon.
Q:How are they boxed? Is it a nice, decorative package that can be given as a gift?
A:The small box is nicely packaged, with a ribbon, so it would definitely work as a gift. The larger box would need additional gift packaging though as it does not have the same packaging as the small one.
Q:What size are these macaroons?
A:They are just a little bigger than 1 inch.
Q:what colors do they come in
A:The macaroons come in 6 different flavors and colors:
vanilla (beige), coffee (brown), chocolate (dark brown), raspberry (pink), pistachio (green) and lemon (yellow).
Q:can these be frozen and wiII they taste good after they have been froozen?
A:The macaroons can be kept frozen or refrigerated.
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