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Passion Fruit Puree

from France by Boiron
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Passion Fruit Puree

Exotic, refreshing and delicious! This versatile passion fruit puree is made from meticulously selected passion fruit. The pasteurizing process of rapid heating and cooling adapted to this particular fruit preserves the fresh taste and color. Defrost the puree in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours before using, or in the microwave at moderate temperature. No added sugar! Use them to create delicious cocktails, smoothies, and pie fillings.
Ingredients: 100% passion fruit puree.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Types of Frozen Fruit: Fruit Puree
Brands: Boiron
Fruit Flavors: Passion Fruit

Product Reviews

Loves this puree coz its added sugar
Mandy from Cypress, TX
I love this puree, though it is expensive, so I don't order as often as I would like. I used to live in Hawaii, and this tastes exactly like I remember. I'm so glad that it comes unsweetened. I can add sugar if I choose to.
This puree is smooth and quite concentrated. You don't need that much to create a very intense favor.
Daniel from Winnetka, IL
kathleen from denver, CO
This stuff is AMAZING - just what I needed!
Susan from Bolingbrook, IL

Questions and Answers

Q:What country is the product made in?
A:The Passion Fruit Puree is made in France.
Q:Is this a thick purée or more like a liquid?
A:The texture will be more on the liquid side, as there is no thickener nor any other additive used for this puree. Since passion fruit does not have much body to its pulp the puree will be liquidy once thawed out.
Q:How do I properly sweeten my unsweetened puree
A:You can sweeten the puree by adding sugar or another sweetener into it and mix them until the sweetener and the puree combine.
Q:how many carbs are in the passion fruit puree? and sugars please.
A:There are 12.8g carbohydrates (of which sugars 7.4g) per serving size (100g).
Q:Can this product be frozen?
A:The Passion Fruit Puree can be kept frozen, yes.
Q:How long can this product be kept frozen in the freezer?
A:The shelf life of the frozen puree is 12 months.
Q:What are the ingredients on this puree? do you add water or any other ingredients? do you add any preservative?
A:The only ingredient is the fruit itself: this is a 100% passion fruit puree, it does not have anything else added to it.
Q:Is the puree seedless?
A:Yes, the Passion Fruit Puree is seedless.
Q:How long will this keep in the refrigerator?
A:The shelf life of the puree is 3 days if kept refrigerated.
Q:how many smoothies does the pureed fruit and are they all no sugar added
A:The # of smoothies will depend on the amount the recipe(s) you want to use calls for and whether it relies or not on the puree exclusively. There is no sugar added to this puree.

Passion Fruit Puree Recipes

Passion Fruit Pavlova Recipe
Passion Fruit Pavlova Recipe
Pavlovas are a classic European dessert of light and crusty meringue. The stiff meringue “pillows” hold up beautifully and provide the perfect centerpiece for the lush passion fruit cream, with a soft center that melts in your mouth at the first bite.
Passionfruit Tart Recipe
Passionfruit Tart Recipe
A perfectly airy passion fruit mousse is nestled on top of a mouthwateringly buttery tart shell, blending both sweet, savory and tart flavors for the perfect summer dessert. Not a fan of passion fruit? Substitute with your favorite flavor frozen puree instead.
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