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Fleur de Sel Sea Salt from Guerande in a Linen Bag

Fleur de Sel Sea Salt from Guerande in a Linen Bag

from France by Le Guerandais
.55 lb linen bag room temp $16.13 $16.13
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Fleur de Sel Sea Salt from Guerande in a Linen Bag

You'll love the presentation of this gourmet sea salt from Le Guerandais. The gorgeous linen bag holds about a half pound of this rare and delicious French sea salt from the Medieval village of Guerande. This superb sea salt has been harvested using virtually the same techniques since the Iron Age. Fleur de Sel Sea Salt from Le Guerandais is carefully harvested manually from the surface of crystallization ponds. Naturally white, unwashed and uncrushed, with an outstanding flavor profile, and high quantity of trace element.
Ingredients: Grey sea salt.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: I have a linen bag of this beautiful salt and I notice that it sits in a plastic bag within the linen bag. Am I meant to discard the plastic and keep the salt in the linen bag itself?
A: We would recommend keeping the salt in the plastic bag as it will more adequately keep out moisture in the air. However, if you are going to use the salt quite quickly and will be storing it in a cool, dry place, the linen bag may be fine as well.

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