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Morello Cherries In Kirsch Brandy

from France by Les Parisiennes
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Morello Cherries In Kirsch Brandy

The next time you're hosting a fancy soiree or want to add a sweet, fruity addition to your recipes, try these morello cherries by French artisan company Les Parisiennes. Also known as griottines, these boozy treats are made with real morello cherries, favored by European chefs for their dark, seductive color and sour flavor. The cherries are semi-candied for extra-sweetness, and soaked in Kirsch brandy, which imparts extra smooth tartness. Presented in a charming vintage-style jar, there's enough in here to keep all your guests happy. Eat them one-by-one with fingers or cocktail sticks, or incorporate into cocktails such as Singapore Slings. Pastry chefs can also use them to elevate pies, tarts, cakes and other desserts.
Ingredients: Brandied fruit - cherries, sugar. alcohol (3.6% kirsch brandy) water, natural flavor.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Sweets Selection: Candied Fruit, Fruit in Liquor
Origin: France

Product Reviews

packed very well, arrived quickly in perfect shape, and they taste great. exactly what my wife wanted.
Stan from Petersburg, VA
perfect for snacking or baking
oana from san antonio, TX
Cris from Sugar Land, TX
Great in fruit salads, with cakes and muffins.
Lise from Tampa, FL
We have had these many times before and absolutely love them
Lou from Bethesda, MD

Questions and Answers

Q:Is a 4 year old unopened 50cl jar of Les Parisiennes okay to use in baking?
A:The shelf life is 2 years. We would not recommend using them past that.
Q:How long will these keep in the fridge once they are opened?
A:After opening, jarred or canned cherries will last between 5 and 7 days in your refrigerator.
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