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Healthy Meats

by Albertina Roca   |   July 26, 2016   |  

Burgers, hotdogs and steak and are all huge parts of American cuisine, and for many of us, a meal isn’t quite a meal without a tasty cut of meat involved. But if you want to eat meat regularly, it’s important to distinguish the healthy meats from the not-so-healthy ones. But that can be a tricky business given the glut of nutritional information out there on the benefits of meat.

So what is the healthiest meat? That depends on several factors, such as the animal's diet, where the meat is sourced from, and what part of the animal you're eating. But here's what we consider to be your best options when looking for a healthy cut of meat:

Chicken Breast

Both chicken and turkey are excellent sources of protein that taste great yet aren't too packed with calories and fats. Lean and nutritious, a 6-ounce portion of chicken breast has only 5 or 6 grams of fat, of which just 1 or 2 is saturated. If you’re trying to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, or improve your overall cardiovascular health, you can’t go wrong with chicken breast. Just be sure to avoid eating the skin, and eat darker meat sparingly.

Pork Tenderloin

Many cuts of pork are high in fat, which is why some doctors will warn you to steer away from pork altogether. But leaner cuts, particularly from the loin muscles, are rich in nutrients and relatively low in calories, with a 6-ounce portion of pork tenderloin only having 6 grams of fat. Pork also contains many minerals such as zinc, which helps support the creation of new cells and improves reproductive health, as well as B vitamins that boost metabolism and other biochemical functions in the body.

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Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef comes from cattle raised on green pastures with a natural diet devoid of steroids, antibiotics, GMO and chemicals. This results in meat that's lower in saturated fats and cholesterol and richer in heart-healing omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Because of its natural origins, the meat acquires a rich flavor and juicy, succulent texture that’s delicious yet also nutritious.

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Buffalo / Bison

Buffalo tastes very similar to beef, but offers more protein and minerals with less fat. Also, since the meat is dense, you can eat less while remaining satisfied. Like grass fed beef, bison is free from hormones and added chemicals, so acquires a more natural, healthy meat that tastes richer.

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Venison is becoming more and more popular as a healthy red meat alternative. Much leaner than beef, and lower in fats and calories, it offers rich, velveteen meat that’s an excellent source of protein. Not to mention minerals such as zinc, iron and phosphorus, and vitamins such as thiamine and riboflavin, all of which support the body's essential functions.

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Wild Boar

Wild Boar meat is considered a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and an excellent aid to heart health. In the United States, wild boar is always free range and raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, resulting in an all-natural meat. Compared with pork, Wild Boar has fewer saturated fats, lower cholesterol, and higher amounts of protein. In fact, it’s usually higher in protein than even beef, lamb and chicken.

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