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Cooking Foie Gras


How to Cook Foie Gras

  • If you're wondering how to cook foie gras in the comfort of your own home, fear not. Many people worry that foie gras is a dish best left to the michelin star, haute cuisine restaurants of the world, but cooking Foie Gras is a simple affair that any chef can master. Here are some simple tips for cooking foie gras at either high or low heat.
  • Before looking at the cooking process, you may wish to consult our guide on preparing foie gras.

Quick Cooking at High Heat: Grilled, Seared, Sautéed or Braised.

  • Arrange medallions on parchment paper before sautéing.
  • Pre-heat the pan before sautéing for best results.
  • Cook quickly to preserve the texture of the foie gras (if overcooked, foie gras tends to get too soft and dissolve like butter). Depending on the thickness of your slices, one-two minutes on either side should be all it takes.
  • For seared foie gras, consider seasoning the chilled (not frozen) lobe or medallions with a touch of salt before searing on a sizzling-hot skillet for around 30-60 seconds per side to create a tantalizing crust. Just be sure to keep your windows open: there'll be smoke!
  • Once finished, enjoy the finished foie gras with a sauce or accompaniment. We particularly enjoy Prisca's Strawberry Spread with Piri-Piri.

Slow Cooking at Low Heat: Terrines

  • Clean more carefully than you would for high heat.
  • Keep lobes fully intact.​

For more in-depth Foie Gras Recipes, check out our exquisite Duck Breast with Wine and Figs recipe, or try your hand at crafting our mouthwatering Foie Gras Hamburger.

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