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Buying Foie Gras

by Hannah Abaffy   |   January 15, 2015   |  

Foie gras, a delicacy known for its unparalleled richness and smooth texture, has long been cherished by culinary enthusiasts. This gourmet delight has found its place everywhere, from fine dining establishments to home kitchens. If you're considering adding this exquisite ingredient to your culinary repertoire, here's a guide to help you navigate the world of foie gras and make an informed purchase.

Factors to Consider 

Look for trusted suppliers with a reputation for delivering high-quality, ethically sourced foie gras. Specialty online food retailers like Gourmet Food Store are excellent places to start your search.

Sourcing only the freshest livers on the market and shipping them straight to your door, no matter which form of Foie you choose, if it’s among our selections, you can rest assured they are from ethically-minded farms devoted to producing the best. 

Some of the best foie gras quality indicators can be found on the packaging. Look for labeling displaying quality and authenticity. A few of the most popular are:

  • Label Rouge (France): The Label Rouge certification in France is a quality label that signifies a superior product. Products with this label meet higher standards in terms of quality and traditional production methods.
  • IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée: This European Union designation ensures that the product has specific qualities, reputation, or characteristics attributable to its geographical origin. 
  • Certified Humane: In the United States, the Certified Humane label from Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) indicates that the animals were raised and treated according to humane standards. 
  • Organic Certification: Organic certification often involves adherence to specific standards related to the treatment of animals, the use of antibiotics, and the overall environmental impact of the production process.
  • Animal Welfare Labels: Some producers may voluntarily adhere to additional animal welfare standards.

Where to Purchase the Freshest Foie Gras

When it comes to shopping for foie gras, freshness is paramount. That’s why at Gourmet Food Store, we procure the freshest livers from trusted domestic retailers. Prepared products like pâtés, mousses, or blocs are shelf-stable, removing this concern, and for certain dishes, are the best choice. Among our sterling selection of products, you’ll find an exceptional range from which to choose. For the Foie Gras purists, however, the best choice is flash-frozen or fresh-frozen whole lobes. 

Flash-freezing is a method of preserving ingredients pioneered by French manufacturer Rougie. This method of freezing the liver very quickly (only two hours after the animal is slaughtered) is the best way to preserve the original texture and flavor of the product. This new technology has revolutionized the import of fresh foie gras, making high-quality lobes from Europe available in the United States. 

The lobes only need to be placed in water for a couple of hours in order to regain full texture and consistency. One of our favorite producers of foie gras, pate, and mousses is Terroirs D'Antan, whose all-natural, traditional French methods ensure luxurious quality products that are antibiotic and hormone-free.

Another brand we can recommend is Hudson Valley, a New York-based outfit of farming pioneers who offer fresh, top-quality lobes.

Foie Gras Price

The price of foie gras can vary depending on origins, animal (goose being more expensive than duck), and manufacturing processes. With those factors in mind a general price per pound hovers around $40-80. Here at Gourmet Food Store, we offer an exhaustive selection of foie gras options, all at competitive price points.

Questions and Answers

Q:How Can I Ensure I'm Buying High-quality Foie Gras?
A:By considering the farm, supplier reputation, certifications, and storage information. At Gourmet Food Store, all of these factors are prioritized when we source our ingredients.
Q:What should I consider when shopping for foie gras online or locally?
A:By focusing on product type, certifications, animal source, and popular reputation, you can make an informed purchase.
Q:Are there Specific Labels or Certifications to look for when Buying Foie Gras?
A:Label Rouge, IGP Indication Géographique Protégée, Certified Humane, Organic Certification, and volunteer Animal Welfare Labels are all helpful when purchasing this delicacy.
Q:How Does the Price of Foie Gras Vary, and What Factors Influence It?
A:The price of goose and duck liver can vary significantly. The most influential aspects are type, source, grade, production, certifications acquired, brand, and market conditions.

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