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Foie Gras Resources

A guide to foie gras and all you ever needed and wanted to know about foie gras and pate. Discover the delicious world of one of the world’s most luxurious delicacies, including its history, how foie gras is made, and the most basic definitions: what is foie gras? Plus, how to serve foie gras and what to pair it with, the most up-to-date information on the California ban on foie gras, and an in-depth look into types of foie gras (duck and goose) and nutrition, calories and the best way to cook and prepare this incredible food.
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Where to Buy the Freshest Foie Gras

Since foie gras comes in many presentations, you have to be very careful when p...
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How to Cook Foie Gras

  • If you're wondering how to cook foie gras in the comfort of your own home, fear not. Many people worry that foie gras is a dish best left to the michelin ...
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Foie gras is at heart a French delicacy, so most terms referring to foie gras are usually in French. So to overcome the language barrier, we've assembled the most common terms in foie gras jargon...
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The Myths of Foie Gras Nutrition

Are you wondering if foie gras or pate is healthy? Do you have questions on the calories in foie gras? Are you afraid to indulge in a slice of delicious...
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How to Prepare Foie Gras

Learn how to do it like the pros with this easy-to-follow foie gras preparation guide, including info on storing, cleaning and de-veining your [Continue Reading...]


Foie Gras Wine Pairing

The quest to find the perfect marriage of foie gras and wine is endless; connoisseurs and amateu...
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Grade A

There are three grades of foie gras on the market, and Grade A is the most acclaimed of them all. It should be firm and light-colored, almost white. The weight varies from 1 to 3 pou...
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A Short History of Foie Gras

To put it simply, Foie Gras is literally goose or duck liver. The name ac...
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How is Foie Gras Made? - A Primer on Foie Gras Production

From the mulard to the mousse, we tell you how this brilliant gourmet delicacy goes from the pen to your pantry.

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Storing and Handling Foie Gras


Goose vs Duck

The eternal question. Goose foie gras is generally considered to be a much more superior product, the original succulent treat. But nowadays duck is more easily available and m...
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Foie gras comes from the French and the definition literally means, “fat liver”. Which is exactly what foie gras is: the liver of a goose or duck that has been specially fattened.

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