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Foie Gras Resources

A guide to foie gras and all you ever needed and wanted to know about foie gras and pate. Discover the delicious world of one of the world’s most luxurious delicacies, including its history, how foie gras is made, and the most basic definitions: what is foie gras? Plus, how to serve foie gras and what to pair it with, the most up-to-date information on the California ban on foie gras, and an in-depth look into types of foie gras (duck and goose) and nutrition, calories and the best way to cook and prepare this incredible food.
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Pâté vs Foie Gras
They are most definitely not the same thing, and every foodie worth his sea salt should know the difference. We break it down for you.
How to Make Pâté at Home
A few basic tools, a good quality fresh lobe of foie gras, and you’ll be on your way to whipping up a luxuriously silky smooth pate.
Wine & Foie Gras
There are a few fast and loose rules for pairing wine and foie gras, but we give you a guide to enhance the flavor of foie gras with the perfect wine.
Storing Foie Gras
You bought yourself some foie gras, now what? We teach you how to properly store your foie gras so it maintains its freshness.
Preparing Foie Gras
Learn how to do it like the pros with this easy-to-follow foie gras preparation guide, including info on storing, cleaning and de-veining your exquisite foie gras.
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History Of Foie Gras
With origins hailing back to the ancient Egyptians through the Roman Empire all the way to today, foie gras has gone from obscure to renowned.
Grades Of Foie Gras
Foie gras is graded according to the size, color, and texture of the lobe. Find out what to look for when buying and selecting foie gras.
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Foie Gras Production
We go into the techniques and processes of foie gras production, and what it takes to produce these silky and delicious livers.
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Foie Gras Nutrition
This luxurious food is rich in all aspects – it contains a very high amount of saturated fat. Read more about foie gras nutrition and indulge responsibly!
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Foie Gras Glossary
Learn the differences between rillettes and terrine, micuit and mousse, and other important foie gras terms. We've assembled the ultimate foie gras jargon cheat sheet.
Cooking Foie Gras
Cooking with foie gras is not only delicious, but also actually one of the simplest things you can do in the kitchen. Here are our tips and tricks for foie gras dishes.
Buying Foie Gras
What do you need to look for when you’re buying foie gras? We go into it with this manual on selecting lobes, pates, blocs, and more.
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