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Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout - Whole Side

from Norway by Fossen
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Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout - Whole Side

All the flavors of our critically-acclaimed Norwegian smoked Fjord salmon trout, only we've left this product intact so that you may use it however your culinary genius desires. Smoked following centuries-old Norwegian techniques to create a flavor that is heady with fine wood smoke, and then dry cured by hand with a special mix of sugar and salt, this product is intensely aromatic and decadently smooth.

This delicacy comes from Oterfjord trout, also known as Fjord Trout. It's farmed in the island of Osteroy, in the pristine fjords of West Noway. A type of fast-growing rainbow trout, this is a member of the Salmonidae family. This farmed Fjord trout eat a varied, well-formulated diet and live in a strictly controlled environment on glacial waters fed by the Artic currents and glacial melts. The plant is filled with pure mountain water that comes straight for the glacier, rich in natural minerals from the sediments and loaded with oxygen - perfect for the fish, which develop a deep red color and a wonderful flavor that's so unique to the fjord trout. Fossen uses selective breeding and never genetically modifies their fish, and has fun traceability and certification of the feed and everything that goes into the process.

Flavor and texture-wise, fjord salmon trout is almost impossible to tell apart from salmon, and delivers the same nutrition - and a wealth of Omega 3 fatty acids to boot, with a firmer texture than salmon which makes it particularly ideal for smoking and marinating.

Ingredients: Norwegian steelhead trout, salt, sugar, natural wood smoke.
Storage: refrigerated / frozen
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Types of Smoked Salmon: Whole Sides
Origin: Norwegian
Preparation: Cold Smoked Salmon, Kosher

Product Reviews

Very nice and fatty. Delicious and filling. Mine was 4.3 lb so it turned out more expensive than I had expected. Unsliced so it stays fresher. Can cut to any thickness. On the package, it did not say "trout" anywhere. It said Norwegian smoked salmon. But I think this was a salmon trout.
M from Dobbs Ferry, NY
Appears to be not farm raised, which makes it excellent. Was expecting more of a NOVA LOX flavor, but still, and excellent well trimmed side of Salmon. Lots of fat which makes for a great additional flavor, but some might want a less fatty salmon. I personally make Gravlax from a similar species. This is closer to a Gravlax than a cold smoked product. But still very enjoyable.
joe from houston, TX
This was really good
Jose from miami shores, FL

Questions and Answers

Q:Does this come sliced?
A:This product comes as a whole piece, it is not available sliced.
Q:What kind of preparation does it take for the dinner table?

The Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout - Whole Side is ready to eat as it is already smoked. You can find more information on how to store and serve it on our Smoked Salmon and Seafood Resource pages: or you can check our Smoke Salmon recipes:

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout - Whole Side Recipes

Smoked Trout Appetizers Recipe
Smoked Trout Appetizers Recipe
Delicate and milder than smoked salmon, smoked trout makes a light and refreshing crowd-pleasing start to a meal. Our smoked trout cups are filled with buttery smoked trout, fresh herbs, smooth creme fraiche and the lightest touch of Dijon mustard.

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1600301 3 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 4.00 lbs. $39.85
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1600302 10 x 3 lbs 20.00 lbs. - 40.00 lbs. $35.87
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